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whoops - mail runs old vodafone mclaren image Maybe Verizon will sponsor the Gene Haas F1 team

Just to keep its rivals out

Here at GoMo Towers we are intrigued by the plans that US based, Gene Haas, to build a new F1 [Formula One] motor racing team. As soon as it was anoouncede that Haas had won the right to enter an F1 team the whole project was immediately surrounded in controvery. One of the big questions is, of course, will have enough time to build a winning team for the next season – 2015, or will the sheer logistics force him to wait until 2016. However, here at GoMo News, we’re speculating that the USA’s leading MNO [Mobile Network Operator] might be forced to sponsor the Haas team – for nothing else than to keep its rivals out. Continue reading

Kone_Lift Kone chooses Vodafone to take maintenance to the next level

Press release

April 9th 2014. KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, has chosen Vodafone‘s innovative machine to machine (M2M) remote monitoring technology to create a new diagnostics service to schedule proactive maintenance tasks. The new service will help ensure the smooth running of the many thousands of lifts KONE maintains around the world, while keeping down-time to an absolute minimum. Continue reading

vodafone_storefront Vodafone splashes the cash on expanding high street outlets

1,400 more jobs on the way, too

Britain’s second biggest mobile operator Vodafone, cash rich after the sale of its 45 per cent stake in Verizon Wireless, is to splash some of that windfall by opening 150 new retail stores over the next 12 months. In what is clearly an attempt to catch up with arch rival EE which has 600 stores and is already planning to add a further 1,000 staff to its payroll, Vodafone will expand the number of its outlets to more than 500, simultaneously creating some 1,400 new jobs. “This year we’ll invest more than ever before to provide our customers with the strongest network and best services in the UK,” explained Vodafone’s new UK chief executive Jeroen Hoencamp. Continue reading

- joseph Vodafone’s brings disruptive mobile money to Europe

Leading MNO launches M-Pesa into Romania

Leading global MNO [Mobile Network Operator], Vodafone, has brought M-Pesa – its disruptive mobile money transfer and payment service into Europe for the first time. The addition of Romania continues the expansion of M-Pesa, following the launches in Egypt, India, Lesotho and Mozambique in the last 12 year. M-Pesa is the classic model for supporting micro-payments in geographies where the majority of the population are unbanked. Approximately seven million Romanians transact mainly in cash. M-Pesa could provide Vodafone with a useful revenue stream as voice traffic declines generally. Continue reading

vodafone_old_logo Vodafone name 30 years old today

You’re luck it was nearly spelt with a ph not f

UK based MNO [Mobile Network Operator] is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its name today [March 22nd 2014]. And to celebrate the company has revealed the origin of the actual name. Plus the fact that it was was conceived of by one of the company’s original directors and the advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi. The agency’s proposal to spell ‘phone’ as ‘fone’ caused the name to be initially rejected by the then CEO, Sir Gerry Whent. However, he relented – reputedly saying “in for a penny, in for a pound – you can have your flipping ‘f’ as well.” Afterwards he came to regard the name as something of a masterstroke. Continue reading

Dr Álvaro Sobrinho Guest Post: How m-learning can revolutionise teaching in Africa

by Dr Álvaro Sobrinho, chairman of the Planet Earth Institute (PEI)

Widely recognised as an Angolan philanthropist and entrepreneur, Dr Álvaro Sobrinho is also chairman of the Planet Earth Institute (PEI), a charity whose goal it is to bring scientific independence to Africa. The PEI has also recently conducted consultations on m-learning/m-education . Here Dr Sobrinho looks at how m-learning can revolutionise learning in Africa. Continue reading

vodafone fourplay target - ono Vodafone ‘clinches’ deal to buy Spain’s Ono

Bit more cash was all it took

UK operator, Vodafone, is expected to announce later today * [17th March 2014] that it has clinched the deal to buy Spanish cable operator Ono, having upped its offer to around €7.2 billion (£6 billion). Vodafone, cash rich after its sale of its 45 per cent stake in Verizon for £84 billion, had its earlier offer to buy Ono for $7 billion rejected, but it’s now thought shareholders in the Spanish firm have had a change of heart with more money on the table. Continue reading

mercedes_bbm BBM Channels confuses ageing GoMo hack

Doesn’t help if you get the wrong team either

Well, here at GoMo Towers we believe in doing things for real rather than merely reproducing snippets sent out across the wires. So we jumped at the chance to try out BlackBerry’s showcasing of its latest BBM Channels facility. Today [March 6th 2014], Mercedes AMG Petronas has ‘fixed it’ for their leading F1 [Formula One] driver – Nico Rosberg to go live on the MAP Channel. Being keen petrol heads, we signed in to see what was going on and ask Nico a question. Firstly we found the whole experience confusing. Secondly we got the wrong F1 team. Continue reading

nokia's clare izhaky Talk social with McDonald’s, Sony, Walt Disney, British Airways @ SMWF

Premier event for social & digital marketing professionals now days away

The Social and Digital Marketing Conference Europe 2014 [#SMWF] – the premier event for social and digital marketing professionals, is taking place in London’s Brewery March 31st to April 1st [2014]. This event is fast approaching and the speaker line-up is building up fast with more than 20 high profile speakers from across industry now confirmed for the event. Continue reading

- pujol MWC: Highlights already emerging including those from IDATE

It isn’t all over until the fat lady sings, of course

Although the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona isn’t officially over until the end of the day [February 27th 2014], a rather cheeky Frédéric Pujol, director of the telecom business unit at IDATE has already sent GoMo News his highlights of the show. He’s picked some very obvious soft targets such as wearable technologies. However, Pujol does mention 5G as well which has been somewhat drowned out amongst the other announcements. DATE itself has, of course, just recently published updates on the subjects of LTE and M2M. Continue reading

Facebook-Skype Facebook could earn $800m from a Skype copy says Strand

If Facebook/WhatsApp get into VoIP it’s bad news for MNOs

Without even mentioning the recent WhatsApp announcement, John Strand of Denmark’s Strand Consult argues that if it should decide to introduce cheap voice calls (via VoIP), Facebook could potentially blow Microsoft’s Skype right out of the water. As he says, “f you can talk to friends in Facebook, why would you need to use Skype?” Look at the facts. Facebook is already the world’s largest communications provider with over 1 billion users. It’s a platform where people communicate by voice, text and data. At $175 billion it has a larger market cap that any mobile network operator [MNO], save for China Mobile or Vodafone. And logically, Skype could be one of the first victims of Facebook’s entry to the VoIP market. Continue reading

- Hartley MWC: Vodafone & Huawei link up could prove big boost for cellular

It’s all about carrier aggregation

Decisions which can radically affect the course of the cellular industry are frequently announced at MWC and 2014 is no exception. However, although a Vodafone & Huawei, link up could provide a really big boost for the cellular sector, its significance could be lost because it involves network infrastructure not devices. Nonetheless, it is a breakthrough. The pair have proved it’s possible to combine what were previously regarded as disparate resources – FDD and TDD LTE spectrum. Not only that but in this case the partners are promising impressive speeds – over 500Mbit/s. Continue reading

ca enable us to utilise spectrum efficiently - salvadori MWC: Huawei & Vodafone jointly unveil world’s 1st FDD & TDD convergence carrier aggregation

MWC: Huawei & Vodafone jointly unveil world’s 1st FDD & TDD convergence carrier aggregation

Press release

February 25th 2014. Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has announced it will jointly unveil with Vodafone the world’s first LTE-Advanced FDD+TDD Convergence Carrier Aggregation (CA) solution at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 in Barcelona. Following the successful demonstration of the world’s first LTE-A HetNet Carrier Aggregation (CA) at Mobile World Congress last year [201], Vodafone and Huawei are poised to mark another milestone in the development and commercialisation of LTE-Advanced network technology by achieving a single user peak downlink speed of more than 500 Mbit/s – the world’s fastest, at this year’s MWC. Continue reading

- bertoluzzo Vodafone claims world’s largest 4G roaming network

Offers ultra-fast 4G roaming in more countries than any other MNO

Vodafone subscribers travelling abroad will soon be able to take advantage of 4G mobile services when using their smartphones and tablets. From summer 2014, Vodafone’s customers travelling to 18 countries worldwide will be able to use 4G for no more than the cost of existing 3G roaming services. Vodafone already offers 4G roaming on its own networks in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain. So you can roam onto 4G with Vodafone whilst visiting MWC next week [February 2014]. Continue reading

Voda_india Vodafone pushes deeper into India, but decries the costs

Government shafting mobile operators, it suggests

Vodafone has underlined its commitment to emerging markets, with news that it has spent £1.9 billion in India to enhance mobile services there – but has moaned strongly at the cost. Last night [13th February 2014] the UK operator claimed that the price paid for India’s new telecoms licences would leave companies saddled with debts for years and harm consumers, after the government celebrated raising 610 billion rupees, more than treble initial forecasts. Continue reading