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ca enable us to utilise spectrum efficiently - salvadori MWC: Huawei & Vodafone jointly unveil world’s 1st FDD & TDD convergence carrier aggregation

MWC: Huawei & Vodafone jointly unveil world’s 1st FDD & TDD convergence carrier aggregation

Press release

February 25th 2014. Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has announced it will jointly unveil with Vodafone the world’s first LTE-Advanced FDD+TDD Convergence Carrier Aggregation (CA) solution at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 in Barcelona. Following the successful demonstration of the world’s first LTE-A HetNet Carrier Aggregation (CA) at Mobile World Congress last year [201], Vodafone and Huawei are poised to mark another milestone in the development and commercialisation of LTE-Advanced network technology by achieving a single user peak downlink speed of more than 500 Mbit/s – the world’s fastest, at this year’s MWC. Continue reading

- bertoluzzo Vodafone claims world’s largest 4G roaming network

Offers ultra-fast 4G roaming in more countries than any other MNO

Vodafone subscribers travelling abroad will soon be able to take advantage of 4G mobile services when using their smartphones and tablets. From summer 2014, Vodafone’s customers travelling to 18 countries worldwide will be able to use 4G for no more than the cost of existing 3G roaming services. Vodafone already offers 4G roaming on its own networks in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain. So you can roam onto 4G with Vodafone whilst visiting MWC next week [February 2014]. Continue reading

Voda_india Vodafone pushes deeper into India, but decries the costs

Government shafting mobile operators, it suggests

Vodafone has underlined its commitment to emerging markets, with news that it has spent £1.9 billion in India to enhance mobile services there – but has moaned strongly at the cost. Last night [13th February 2014] the UK operator claimed that the price paid for India’s new telecoms licences would leave companies saddled with debts for years and harm consumers, after the government celebrated raising 610 billion rupees, more than treble initial forecasts. Continue reading

Vodafone spurns Facebook appeal to provide ‘zero rate’ content

Britain’s Vodafone has snubbed a request from Facebook to ‘zero rate’ its content in certain emerging markets, the operator’s CEO Vittorio Colao has revealed.
Speaking in New York where he was addressing Vodafone shareholders before the sale of its 45 per cent stake in Verizon Wireless later this month, Colao told how he had been approached by Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook’s chief operating officer – to exclude the cost of access to the social networking site so that, in poorer countries, it didn’t count towards a subscriber’s data plan.
But Colao said he declined the request because “it does not make any sense . . . there is no reason why I should give my network capacity for free.” Continue reading

vodafone fourplay target - ono Vodafone gets into Spanish fourplay

This time its is chasing Spanish cable operator – Ono

Reports emerged yesterday [February 9th 2014], that leading MNO [Mobile Network Operator] and Britain’s second largest company, Vodafone, has tabled a bid to acquire Spanish cable operator, Ono. The perceived wisdoom is, of course, that Vodafone wants the cable company so that it can provide a ‘fourplay’ offering to its Spanish customers. The four being TV, fixed line telephone, broadband and mobile. GoMo News isn’t so keen on fourplay because of the potential to lose all four services simultaneously if a customer churns. Network backbone is different, of course. Continue reading

Using a tablet inside a UK hospital for Skype

Handset Clinic:- micro SIM; tethering or MiFi the answer

A British reader, Jon P, has written into GoMo News asking for help with a specific connectivity problem. He has purchased a Lenovo Yoga 10 tablet (model 60047) from John Lewis with micro SIM card slot. His wife is having to spenf three weeks in a Basingstoke [UK] hospital. She wants to be able to video call with her family (via Skype) as well as using the BBC’s iPlayer for tv catch-up and downloading books. The hospital definitely doesn’t offer access to Wi-fi. What can he do? Continue reading

stephenson - in talks @ davos AT&T rules out Vodafone takeover – or does it?

Britain’s Takeover Panel forces statement after fevered rumours
Vodafone shares drop sharply in early trading

Frenzied speculation out of Davos that AT&T might be planning an imminent bid for Vodafone were today [27th January 2014] slapped down by the US operator, ahead of the London market opening. When trading did commence, the denial immediately wiped millions of Vodafone’s cap, sending shares plunging by more than 7 per cent to 216 pence. Rumours started flying when it emerged that Randall Stephenson, AT&T’s CEO, had met the EU Telecoms Commissioner Neelie Kroes at the World Economic Forum to discuss his ambition to become a major player in Europe, at the same time sounding out the Commission’s receptiveness to a possible takeover of a firm the size of Vodafone. Continue reading

china mobile/vodafone tie-up over africa China Mobile may seek tie up with Vodafone

Latest speculation about leading British global MNO

An intriguing rumour has surfaced in the UK’s Daily Mail here. The newspaper quotes unnamed sources as suggesting that the world’s largest MNO [Mobile Network Operator] might be interested in taking a stake in Vodafone. Which was previously the world’s largest MNO, of course. A hook up has a great deal of logic. The newspaper points out, for example, that the pair have co-operated in the past. They joined forces to bid for a mobile licence in Burma, for example. What most intrigues GoMo News, however, is references to China Mobile’s interest in co-operating with Vodafone in Africa. We can think of two good reasons behind this. Continue reading

mclaren_car_2014 McLaren’s 2014 F1 car isn’t Orange at all

Still no sign of a replacement sponsor for Vodafone

So much for speculation that Orange/France Telecom might have stepped into the shoes of global MNO [Mobile Network operator], Vodafone. New Year’s day [January 1st 2014], we ran a story based on an Omnicorse report that McLaren was going to be painting its Formula One [F1] car for the 2014 – Orange. Well, it hasn’t. The MP-29 is silver. Plus, it seems that no-one is going to directly replace Vodafone at present. Although, GoMo News holds out the feint hope that Verizon Wireless might sponsor the car for the US Grand Prix. Continue reading

vodafone could offer F1 coverage if allies with skyl Vodafone & BSkyB cozy up for possible alliance

Could BT be thinking of buying EE for its 4-play?

The web is awash with rumours that Vodafone has been having cozy chats about forming an unholy alliance against BT – the former UK telecoms duopoly. Vodafone has, of course, acquired bits of the other duopoly – Cable & Wireless here. BSkyB might be exploring ways of reducing its dependence on BT for its fixed broadband service – especially given the outage recent suffered by Sky broadband customers in South West London here. However, BT is building close links with EE over a possible consumer broadband offering. But GoMo recently speculated here that EE might be up for sale. BT is a logical buyer. Continue reading

EE-Logo EE’s £10bn flotation put on hold sparking rumours of outright sale

Joint owners claim they want to expand 4G roll-out first

Britain’s biggest phone operator, EE, has had its partial flotation put on hold by owners France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom, in a surprise postponement that comes more than a year after IPO plans were first unveiled. Earlier this month [January 2014] EE, which embraces the T-Mobile and Orange brands, revealed how its number of 4G customers had passed the two million mark. But EE’s joint owners now say they want the operator’s high speed service to become even more entrenched so that, as and when a flotation does go ahead, EE will attract a higher valuation. So far only 7 per cent of EE’s customers are on 4G tariffs. Continue reading

coming to the moto g - kitkat Moto G gets a break with KitKat

Motorola is rolling out the upgrade to its Android OS

Regular readers of GoMo News will be aware that we’re pretty big fans of Motorola’s smartphones. And just a head of our scheduled meet with the UK arm of the US based mobile phone maker, we’ve just learnt that the company is already rolling out the promised upgrade to the Moto G’s Android OS from Android Jelly bean (4.1) to KitKat (4.2). When Motorola launched the Moto G in the UK back in November 2013, it committed to delivering KitKat, to devices by early 2014. So January 13th is way ahead of that deadline really. Continue reading

Verizon_wireless_logo A way of avoiding the UK’s CGT on the Vodafone windfall

There’s something called an EIS scheme

In the past, GoMo News has written a great deal about the forthcoming £84 billion Vodafone windfall payment. Elsewhere in the Press, there has been much specualtion about the forthcoming Vodafone share bonanza which will follow the sale of its stake in US mobile network operator (MNO) – Verizon Wireless. Especially given the whopping tax bill that this free windfall will present to some of the army of 500,000 or so UK private Vodafone shareholders. Hence, one GoMo News reader has written in with his way of avoiding all of the UK’s CGT (Capital Gains Tax) on the Vodafone windfall. It might be a scam but it seems to be a clever one. So read on at your peril. Continue reading

we might see more orange on 2014 mclaren cars Orange might take over from Vodafone at McLaren F1

Totally unfounded specualtion from GoMo – again

As keen F1 fans will know that the McLaren Formula One team’s the key sponsor – Vodafone has pulled out of its deal with the British racing squad as of the 2014 season. Obviously the team is on the lookout for a new title sponsor. Theoretically, McLaren should have made an announcement concerning its sponsors on December 2nd [2013]. But nothing happened. That led to GoMo News speculating that Verizon Wireless might step into the breach now that its ties with Vodafone have virtually been severed. But here’s a new one. Orange (France Telecom) might be interested. Here at GoMo Towers we think that web site,, might be sitting on a much bigger story than it realises. Continue reading

Vodafone_NYE Vodafone forgets to publicise its own AR app

Download it in time for the New Year’s Eve fireworks

We’re not quite sure how this has happened but Vodafone UK appears to have developed a really neat AR [augmented reality] app and then forgotten to remind people to download it. It is free and was made available to download from the Apple iTunes App Store and Google’s Play app here from midnight  yesterday [December 30th 2013]. If  GoMo News is right,  the app will enable users to view the London (England) firework from one minute to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Which is why the app is called NYE 2013. Continue reading