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verizon could make colao's day Vodafone may finally exit Verizon Wireless

Quite frankly, we never saw the synergies

Shares in Vodafone surged in the UK to 204 pence – which is a 12 year high, after it was officially confirmed that Vodafone is in talks with Verizon Communications of the USA. Vodafone actually owns a 45 per cent chunk of Verizon Wireless as the result of a much earlier acquisition of the US based network Airtouch in 1999. We couldn’t see the logic in Vodafone holding a stake in a cdmaOne based network when its expertise lay with GSM based networks. Well, it may receive as much as £84 billion ($130 billion) for its stake which is higher than Vodafone’s current capitalisation. So hanging on in there has paid off. Continue reading

best way to see mclaren on your lumia - a cover Vodafone 4G leaves out Nokia Lumia & F1 fans

It also doesn’t helps if you don’t live in London

Vodafone UK has finally managed the commercial roll out of its 4G/LTE network to those living in London today [August 29th 2013]. Which means that Ofcom handed EE (formerly Everything Everywhere] virtually a ten month lead in 4G over its rivals – 3UK, O2 and Vodafone. However, here at GoMo News we think that the most irritated Vodafone customers will be those who like Formula 1 racing (F1) or who already own a 4G ready Nokia Lumia 925 handset (for example). That’s because there’s no Windows Phone 8 (WP8) version of Sky Sports Mobile TV and F1 isn’t included in the Sky package offered to Vodafone 4G customers. Continue reading

10 months = 2m users EE does the proverbial on O2 and Vodafone’s 4G parade

Ten month head start equates to a million customers already

A belated 4G roll-out today (29th August 2013) by Britain’s O2 and Vodafone carriers has had the shine further wiped off it by EE, which says that its own network has now passed a milestone with over 100 towns covered. EE, the nation’s biggest operator and which owns Orange and T-Mobile, also says it will continue rolling out its 4G network to an additional nine towns this month, aiming to reach 98 per cent of the UK population by the end of 2014. Continue reading

ronan de Renesse 3’s all-you-can-eat plan & no 4G price premium will be difficult to beat says Analysys Mason

Smartphone users twice as likely to churn networks, analysts predicts

Well, with Vodafone and O2 set to launch their UK 4G services tomorrow (September 29th 2013), the UK will finally come to the forefront of the European 4G market say Analysys Mason principal analysts Ronan de Renesse and Chris Nicoll. However, the pair argue that 3UK’s all-you-can-eat mobile data plan and no 4G price premium approach will be difficult to beat. EE –which has enjoyed a near 4G monopoly in the UK for around ten months has already altered its pricing plans in response to 3’s unlimited data plans. Continue reading

eye-watering data bill - Doku Vodafone goes with Sky Sports & Spotify to push 4G

Sadly F1 isn’t included in the Sky content deal

Well, it was on the cards really. If you want to illustrate just how useful 4G’s high data speeds are, you provide content which showcases it elegantly. That’s exactly what Vodafone has just done in the UK with the announcement that it will offer new 4G subscribers  the choice of either footie (soccer) or music through deal with Sky Sports and Spotify. We’re not sure whether the UK public will pick up on the fact that Vodafone’s version of 4G will work better indoors than EE’s. However, according to’s telecoms guru, Ernest Doku, Vodafone has made a clever move with its Data Test Drive offer. We’d agree with him. Continue reading

Vodafone_alt_logo Vodafone Red 4G-ready to change the tune and take ultrafast 4G into a new league

Launch of Ultrafast 4G plans with a choice of more than 20 million songs or over 150 hours of Premier League football built in
Worry-free, unlimited data for three months; unlimited calls and texts and double the data available on standard Vodafone Red plans

Ultrafast 4G coming to London on 29 August with 12 more [...]

no news of a deal with apple EU ‘halts’ probe against Chinese telcos as huge 4G contract looms

Opportunity to build 200,000 base stations across China weighs in the balance

EU officials have denied turning a blind eye to alleged Chinese malpractices in the telecoms sector providing, it’s claimed, European firms win a huge stake in building China’s own 4G networks. For some time a huge row has been brewing over claims Beijing had supplied illegal subsidies to China’s largest telecom network equipment manufacturers, Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp. Three months ago Karel De Gucht, the EU trade commissioner, won backing “in principle” from his peers to formally open the case. Continue reading

Vodafone_alt_logo Vodafone slaps Italian rival with €1 billion lawsuit

Claims it was stitched up on fixed line business

Vodafone’s lacklustre performance in Italy has been partially attributed to “commercial abuse” by the nation’s dominant supplier Telecom Italia, which it is now suing for more than €1 billion (£868 million). Last month the British carrier posted a 3.5 per cent drop in organic service revenue with Italy’s double-digit falls making one of the biggest dents. Now it says Telecom Italia, founded in 1994 by the merger of several state-owned telecommunications companies, is guilty of anti-trust measures that have restricted Vodafone Italy’s ability to grow its fixed-line business, and forced it to pay artificially high costs to compete in the market. Continue reading

hacker Snooping row – fundamental misunderstanding of EU law

Vodafone attacks its critics in German media

We’ve always predicted that the fall-out from the exposure of US ‘snooping’ triggered by Edward Snowden will eventually hit the mobile/cellular world. And it just has. Vodafone has just become embroiled in a row over reports in a German publication, Suddeutsche, that it had been providing details of its customers’ calls to the UK’s GCHQ [spy centre]. These allegations illustrate a fundamental misunderstanding of Vodafone’ obligations. In EU law, MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] have to pay to install systems to keep customers records for two years. Naturally MNOs therefore have to hand over such information whenever requested by the appropriate authorities. Continue reading

shark-4G Three UK will offer dual LTEs eventually

If the handset supports it, the subscriber can use it

One of the lesser known aspects of the fiasco that is the roll out of 4G in the UK, is the extremely interesting situation the UK’s fourth MNO Three (3UK) will find itself in by Q1 2014. It’s GoMo News‘ understanding that if the handset supports LTE at either 1800 MHz (like EE) or 800 MHz (like O2 and Vodafone), then 3UK subscribers will be able to use. There’s also the possibility that the same handset can utilise both – depending on what signal is available. There’s also the fact that 3UK will eventually get its hands on some 1800 MHz spectrum by October [2013]. Continue reading

Musical chairs for Bertoluzzo & Humm @ Vodafone

Turkey discovered not to be part of Europe

There’s been something of a reshuffle amongst the big brass at World leading MNO [Mobile Network Operator], Vodafone. The beneficiaries appear to be one Paolo Bertoluzzo and a certain Philipp Humm. Basically Vodafone has decided to change the way it treats Europe and also wants to ensure that it can more slickly deliver unified communications (that old chestnut) for those who want it. Continue reading

O2_4G O2 first to break EE’s UK 4G stranglehold

Telefónica UK’s net will offer 4G on August 29th 2013

EE (which operates the Orange and T-Mobile networks in the UK) is finally going to have its 4G monopoly broken on 29th August [2013]. Telefónica owned O2 will start offering 4G in three UK cities (London, Leeds and Bradford) on that date. The company says it intends to roll out 4G to an average of 2 million people a month. By Q1 2014, O2′s 4G network will be live in 13 UK cities. It’s good news for Nokia which has no fewer than three compatible models to offer. By contrast O2 is offering those with Apple iPhone 5s the chance to upgrade to a handset than does support 4G on the O2 network. Continue reading

bye-bye e-plus germany? European MNOs show more signs of consolidation

This time it is in Germany with KPN

Another commonly perceived wisdom in the cellular industry is that there are just too many MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] in Europe. Which is why Europe has lost out in the 4G/LTE stakes to the USA and Asian countries (like South Korea). This realisation is probably the reason behind a new deal just announced between the Dutch KPN group and Spain’s Telefonica. Apparently, KPN is selling its German unit to Telefonica Deutschland for around €8.1 billion (£7.1 billion). This would give Germany three roughly equal MNOs (Telefonica Deutschland, Vodafone and T-Mobile). Which looks a pretty healthy situation for what is Europe’s biggest mobile market. Continue reading

European head winds continue to take toll on Vodafone

Vodafone’s fortunes took a bit of dive in the three months to June, latest figures reveal, with service revenue down 3.5 per cent amid increased competition in Europe – especially in the southern part of the continent, where in Italy alone service revenue dived by more than 17 per cent.
In its quarterly trading update released today (19th June 2013), the UK operator revealed that group revenue, including joint ventures, came in at £11.1 billion for the period while service revenue was £10.2 billion. Continue reading

Vodafone has pre-empted us - malone Liberty steps aside in bid to acquire Kabel Deutschland

Vodafone now almost certain new owners, despite debt concerns

Britain’s Vodafone has been given a clear run at buying Kabel Deutschland, following news that rival bidder Liberty Global has thrown in the sponge. At one time it was thought that Liberty, owned by billionaire John Malone, might top Vodafone’s £9 billion offer. But Liberty has since had second thoughts, possibly deterred not just by the cost of competing but the fact that it already owns Germany’s second biggest cable operator and might hit a brick wall with regulators. Continue reading