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coming to the moto g - kitkat Moto G gets a break with KitKat

Motorola is rolling out the upgrade to its Android OS

Regular readers of GoMo News will be aware that we’re pretty big fans of Motorola’s smartphones. And just a head of our scheduled meet with the UK arm of the US based mobile phone maker, we’ve just learnt that the company is already rolling out the promised upgrade to the Moto G’s Android OS from Android Jelly bean (4.1) to KitKat (4.2). When Motorola launched the Moto G in the UK back in November 2013, it committed to delivering KitKat, to devices by early 2014. So January 13th is way ahead of that deadline really. Continue reading

Verizon_wireless_logo A way of avoiding the UK’s CGT on the Vodafone windfall

There’s something called an EIS scheme

In the past, GoMo News has written a great deal about the forthcoming £84 billion Vodafone windfall payment. Elsewhere in the Press, there has been much specualtion about the forthcoming Vodafone share bonanza which will follow the sale of its stake in US mobile network operator (MNO) – Verizon Wireless. Especially given the whopping tax bill that this free windfall will present to some of the army of 500,000 or so UK private Vodafone shareholders. Hence, one GoMo News reader has written in with his way of avoiding all of the UK’s CGT (Capital Gains Tax) on the Vodafone windfall. It might be a scam but it seems to be a clever one. So read on at your peril. Continue reading

we might see more orange on 2014 mclaren cars Orange might take over from Vodafone at McLaren F1

Totally unfounded specualtion from GoMo – again

As keen F1 fans will know that the McLaren Formula One team’s the key sponsor – Vodafone has pulled out of its deal with the British racing squad as of the 2014 season. Obviously the team is on the lookout for a new title sponsor. Theoretically, McLaren should have made an announcement concerning its sponsors on December 2nd [2013]. But nothing happened. That led to GoMo News speculating that Verizon Wireless might step into the breach now that its ties with Vodafone have virtually been severed. But here’s a new one. Orange (France Telecom) might be interested. Here at GoMo Towers we think that web site,, might be sitting on a much bigger story than it realises. Continue reading

Vodafone_NYE Vodafone forgets to publicise its own AR app

Download it in time for the New Year’s Eve fireworks

We’re not quite sure how this has happened but Vodafone UK appears to have developed a really neat AR [augmented reality] app and then forgotten to remind people to download it. It is free and was made available to download from the Apple iTunes App Store and Google’s Play app here from midnight  yesterday [December 30th 2013]. If  GoMo News is right,  the app will enable users to view the London (England) firework from one minute to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Which is why the app is called NYE 2013. Continue reading

London's reputation for innovation - Johnson Vodafone joins forces With Mayor Of London for world’s first multi-sensory fireworks display

New partnership sees Vodafone teaming up with Mayor and working with food scientists Bompas & Parr to bring a world first to London’s New Year’s Eve celebrations
Free Vodafone augmented reality smartphone app to bring the experience of the fireworks to millions of people, wherever they are

Press release

December 9th 2013. Thousands of people attending the Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve celebrations will experience a show unlike any other as Vodafone helps create a display they will be able to taste and smell, as well as see. Vodafone is joining forces with the Mayor for the unique New Year’s Eve celebration, which will be experienced not just by spectators crowded along the banks of the River Thames, but by millions more watching the event at home on television. Continue reading

colao unphased by malone sabre rattling Vodafone could prove more visionary than the City

Could become an MVNO or get into banking not just become ‘fourplayer’

Over the last weekend, GoMo News spotted another opinion piece written by a financial journalist suggesting what direction Vodafone – one of the largest mobile network operators in the world, might take. At least this one – Danny Fortson writing in the Sunday Times, had one interesting figure. As a result of the ‘Verizon Wireless’ windfall, Danny has worked out that Vodafone’s CEO, Vittorio Colao, has a pot of gold worth around $21 billion to play with. So what does Mr Fortson expect Vodafone to spend the money on? Buying more fixed line networks so that the MNO (Mobile Network Operator) could offer ‘fourplay’ services in more of the markets it operates in. GoMo News, believes that Vodafone might be a bit more visionary than that. Continue reading

out & about with very high quality - patterson BT plotting some kind of hybrid mobile network for UK

Our totally unfounded rumour – BT could reacquire the Airwave network

Here at GoMo News, we’ve long known that BT (formerly British Telecommunications) has rued the day it decided to sell off its mobile phone network. Known as Cellnet, it is effectively now the O2 network which is now owned by Spain’s Telefonica. The perceived wisdom these days, however, is that in order to properly compete you must be a true ‘quad play’ player. Unfortunately, without its own cellular network, BT can only be a tri-play player. So it has rumoured to the UK publication – The Sunday Times (ST), its plan to offer consumers some form of mobile network. Reading between the lines, it appears that BT is intending to achieve this goal using some massively hybrid mobile technology offering. Continue reading

could dunstone sell talktalk to ee? More speculation on telecoms consolidation in ST

This time it is TalKTalk but we think Vodafone should be a US MVNO

Writing in his Sunday Times column here*, business editor, Dominic O’Connell, speculates that there is going to be a “crunching down of the telecoms industry into a handful of global players.” There are, of course, loads of references in here to rumours that GoMo News has covered in the past. Such as the fact that the USA’s AT&T has made it quite obvious that it wants to gain a serious foothold in Europe. Dominic also mentions another of our favourites – namely that Mexico’s Carlos Slim (of Telmex fame) is also sniffing around Europe. However, O’Connell seems to have a new rumour about TalkTalk. Meanwhile, GoMo News has a theory that Vodafone ought to become an MVNO in the USA. Continue reading

bye_bye_3 3 has now officially gone in Australia

But you still get fear-free roaming in Aussie-land as a 3UK customer

We were doing a bit of research here at GoMo Towers when we suddenly noticed a message on the Vodafone Australia web site here. The headline read ‘Thank you and Goodnight – Three is now closed in Australia’.  We were panicking a bit because Australia is one of the eleven countries where 3UK  customers can use their phones for fear-free roaming. But it turns out that since 3 and Vodafone merged in 2009, the pair have been taking steps towards becoming the one brand – Vodafone [in Australia]. GoMo News reckons that the same thing will happen to T-Mobile and Orange customers in the UK eventually. Subscribers on the two merged networks will simply find themselves on EE. Continue reading

Vodafone gets FCC go-ahead to sell stake to Verizon

No-one seems to be asking what UK MVNO might do in USA instead

We’ve all known for a long time that Vodafone fully intends to sell its stake in Verizon Wireless back to Verizon itself. Today’s [4th December 2013] news is that Vodafone has confirmed that it has received the required approval from the US watchdog – the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for Vodafone’s disposal of its US group. That entity’s principal asset is, of course, its 45 per cent stake in Verizon Wireless and the FFC says it can go to Verizon now. This does, however, leave a big question mark over what Vodafone is actually going to do about the US market? It’s a very lucrative place to play in and it would be strange for a global MNO [Mobile Network Operator] like Vodafone to just ignore it from now onwards. Continue reading

Vodafone welcomes UK gov’s 4G decision for rural trial

Apparently the UK Tax payer will fund a rural broadband trial

In the UK, like elsewhere, there’s been a great deal of talk about the ‘digital divide’. Data speeds which urban dwellers regard as typical would be a true Godsend to consumers – and more importantly, businesses – in most rural communities. There are, of course, multiple ways of providing Internet connectivity to remote places. Such as satellite. But it seems that the British government has seen the sense in using well established technology from the cellular industry – 4G, as the most sensible way forward. Hence a spokesperson for UK-based MNO [Mobile Network Operator], Vodafone, has just welcomed the UK [HM] Treasury’s decision to fund an innovative rural broadband trial. Continue reading

typical matrix india ad Vodafone India accused of hijacking local SIM firm’s customers

Fresh legal woes in Delhi

Vodafone’s Indian offshoot looks set for a new legal row after being accused of stealing a local firm’s 65,000-strong customer base. In a dispute that goes back to 2007, SIM card provider Matrix Cellular claims Vodafone “misrepresented” the facts when they were first given to the country’s Department of Telecoms and a separate appeals tribunal. At the time it was claimed SIMs were rented in bulk to Matrix, circumventing how phones subscribers are meant to be registered for corporate tax purposes. But Matrix has insisted it did nothing illegal and acted at all times with Vodafone’s written consent. Continue reading

first time in the world it's been done - Verma More hope for NFC as London’s Tube goes contactless

We’re not entirely convinced that Vodafone’s Smart PASS really did launch

As evidence of the continuing surge behind NFC (near Field Communication), you couldn’t get much clearer than Vodafone’s recent announcement of its Mobile Wallet service launch in Spain. (See here). We’ve visited the Vodafone Spain site and there’s no sign of it. We’ve searched for both SmartPass and Smart PASS and could find nothing. Also Google Play reports that the Vodafone app is not available in our country (UK). Try it for yourself here. Anyway what we have learnt is that London’s Underground is definitely going contactless. Continue reading

successfully compete with OTT brands - windle MNOs urged to be more innovative by Opencloud

Fight the OTT players with new services such as call filtering

The shift to 4G is happening much faster than with 3G. According to the GSMA, there will be one billion subscribers using 4G networks by 2017. Plus research by the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO) revealed that the European telecoms industry has seen accelerated decline in revenues this year [2013]. However, software supplier OpenCloud reckons that there is still a massive opportunity for operators to claw back revenue. In order to do so, they must differentiate themselves through innovation, the company argues. OpenCloud maintains that despite investments in LTE, mobile network operators [MNOs] are badly lacking true innovation. Continue reading

Michael_Tessler Guest Post: Battle for LTE – US MNOs steal march on Europeans

by Michael Tessler, President and CEO, BroadSoft

With the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSMA) recently confirming there are 200 commercial LTE networks in 76 countries, one cannot deny that LTE rollouts are increasing on a global scale. In particular, the last six months represents an important milestone for LTE in some of the world’s most developed markets. Living up to their global reputation as important centres for mobile innovation, the United States of America (USA) and the European Union (EU) have made significant inroads in rolling out LTE services in 2013. Nevertheless, the question remains – which geographical market has the greatest potential for mobile network operators to recoup their original LTE investment? Continue reading