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didn't he do well? - halford Vodafone’s top bean counter bows out, millions richer

Is there something Halford’s figured out?

Vodafone’s chief financial officer, Andy Halford, has revealed he’s to step down from the board once the company has shed its 45 per cent stake in Verizon Wireless. His departure – ostensibly to pursue “the next challenge” – in March next year [2014] will mark a watershed in Vodafone’s history, given how Halford has steered the return of £61 billion to shareholders as well as an additional upcoming £54 billion from the proceeds of the Verizon sale – making the UK carrier one of Britain’s best performers when it comes to dividends. Continue reading

5s-fanboy UK Apple fanboys can get ready for 5s/c availability

We think the 5s vs 5c price differential isn’t big enough

Well, in the UK, Apple fanboys (and fangirls, of course) will finally be able to get their hands on an iPhone 5s or 5c. Given the 5s sports Touch ID fingerprint technology, perhaps that should read ‘get their fingers on the new iPhones’. Anyway, if you’re shopping around for a deal, we’ve decided to provide something for you to compare against for the 5s. Namely Vodafone’s list of tariffs for consumer 12 & 24 month Vodafone Red for 4G; or consumer 12/24 month Vodafone Red plans for 3G. Vodafone also gives times for more 4G availability outside of the capital (London) and deals on ‘instant’ upgrades for three specific devices. Continue reading

mms can co-exist with OTT - amedume UK government will test cell broadcast texting for emergencies

Such systems needn’t be vulnerable to spoofing & hacking says Acision

The UK’s government ‘s recent decision to test an emergency text messaging alert system based on cell broadcast technology has given heart to SMS’ supporters. It is a mini triumph over fans of OTT style services. What the UK will be testing is the ability to send out messages to all of those with mobile phones switched on in a specific area. The kind of emergency ranges from natural disasters (flooding) to man-made catastrophes (such as train accidents) and security threats (such as terrorist attack). As the BBC has reported, the Uk government has picked three locations to test this technology out in. The locations are Easingwold, in North Yorkshire, Leiston, in Suffolk, and Glasgow’s city centre. The tests have sparked controversy over the vulnerability of such alerts to hacking and spoofing. Continue reading

shark-4G UK’s MOD to hand 4G spectrum sale to Ofcom

Attempt to extract more from UK MNOs in auction

The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) was set to auction 200 MHz worth of 4G spectrum by Q3 2014. Now the sale is expected to be delayed until late 2015 or even 2016 after the MOD’s decision to hand the whole process over to the UK comms watchdog, Ofcom. The reason is obvious. The UK government wants to extract as much dosh [money] as possible from the UK’s struggling Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). It was disappointed that the original auction of spectrum for 4G in the UK back in February [2014] raised only £1.2 billion which was far less than the £3.5 billion that the UK government expected. The irony is that Ofcom was responsible for that cock-up [disaster]. Continue reading

whatsapp-compatible nokia x2 - screen reads "what's happening?" New twist in N73 & support for WhatsApp long-running saga

Now WhatsApp runs on some Nokia S40 devices but not on all Indian networks

One of our most read stories ever is ‘Nokia update N73 Software‘ – despite the fact that this news item was written back in 2008. The article has created false hope for N73 owners (particularly those based in India) who are desperately hoping that an OS (system) update will enable this workhorse Symbian smartphone to run the WhatsApp messaging app. It doesn’t fix the problem. For the umpteenth time, can we repeat that the N73 cannot run WhatsApp? We’ve explained why this is in this story … ‘Nokia S60 handsets capable of running WhatsApp‘. Now we’ve had a new twist to this long running saga. One reader has discovered that WhatsApp will indeed run on certain Nokia S40 handsets. Including some that don’t have support for Wi-fi – such as the Nokia X2. Continue reading

five times more iPhone stock this time - hooton New iPhone 5 models are ultimate boys toys for Brits

Males under 30 placing orders for 5s & 5c on 4G says Phones 4u’s Hooton

Comments just released from Phones 4u‘s COO, Scott Hooton, show that demand for the new iPhone 5c and 5s is strongest amongst males under 30 who want to connect the device to a 4G Network. This flies in the face of the general perception that the latest smartphones from Apple have tanked. No-one should underestimate the loyalty of Apple fanboys it seems. Hooton revealed that not only are pre-orders for the two new models strong, Phoes 4u is “predicting that the new handsets will set a record as generating the most pre-registrations ever at Phones 4u.” Wow. The smartphones go on official release in the UK on September 20th [2013]. Continue reading

jeroen - from ireland to england with love Vodafone Germany admits to massive data systems breach

Inside job nets two million customer records

Vodafone Germany has been forced to admit that an independent contractor had stolen the details of over two million of its customers in that country. The admission means that German Vodafone customers should be alert to signs of ‘phishing’ on both the fixed and mobile internet. GoMo News recommends smartphone users should immediately install a mobile security app that helps protect against identity theft. Such apps are frequently actually free. The news follows the announcement that Dutchman Jeroen Hoencamp has been appointed as the CEO of Vodafone UK after Guy Laurence left to join Canadian Telco, Rogers Communications. He has been replaced as CEO of Vodafone Ireland by Anne O’Leary. Continue reading

iphone5s News Flash: Apple launches 5S, 5C and OS7

Only the 5S has Touch ID Fingerprint identity sensor built into the Home button

Well, we were wrong about Apple waiting until tomorrow [September 11th 2013] to announce the iPhone 5C as well as the 5S. Details of both are now on the official Apple web site. Interestingly, only the 5S has Touch ID Fingerprint identity sensor built into the Home button. (See our previous story Massive speculation about forthcoming iPhone’s fingerprint recognition). The most important thing from the UK perspective is that there are at least four flavours of the iPhone 5S. And at least one model – supports bands 20 and 7 – meaning that they will run on Vodafone and O2′s version of 4G. (See Wrong kind of L-T-Es on iPhone 5). Continue reading

vodafone could offer F1 coverage if allies with skyl Vodafone’s ‘rump’ could now be sold for £80bn, suggest US researchers

Could push share price to 310p

Analysts at research firm Sanford C. Bernstein believes Britain’s Vodafone could be soon be a takeover target once the Verizon deal has gone through. With its 45 per cent stake in Verizon Wireless no longer part of the equation, analysts believe Vodafone will be small enough to be swallowed whole by the likes of America’s AT&T which as long been looking to expand into Europe, or Japanese telco, SoftBank, which earlier this year acquired a 70 per cent controlling stake in US rival Sprint for $21.6 billion. Continue reading India gets ready for gradual 4G TD-LTE rollout

Special report from our Indian correspondent

India is becoming one of the key mobile phone markets worldwide in terms of year-on-year growth, and with the imminent arrival of 4G networks in the country, that will be even more the case more so from next year [2014] on.
The Indian government is currently auctioning 4G licenses, and it is estimated that by the end of 2013 a total of 13 cities will be covered by 4G networks. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs] awarded with the licenses will offer services on the TD-LTE (time division–long term evolution) standard over LTE band 40 (2300 MHz). The number of TD-LTE ready handsets available to Indian consumers is, however, surprisingly low. Continue reading

perhaps colao should create European MVNOs? Vodafone investors in line for huge windfall following Verizon sell-off

Vodafone investors can expect to receive one of the biggest ever payouts in corporate history following the operator’s sale of its stake in Verizon Wireless.
A massive 71 per cent of the proceeds are expected to be handed back in cash and shares, equating to around $84 billion.
“This is a very substantial return to individual shareholders and investment funds that are relied upon by savers and pensioners in the UK, US and internationally, rewarding our investors for their long-term support.” said Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao yesterday (2nd August 2013), after the deal was apparently settled with a simple handshake at a hotel.
Under the terms of the settlement, Vodafone will receive £38 billion in cash, £39 billion in Verizon stock and a further £7.1 billion made up of smaller transactions. Continue reading

get a cheap WP8 phone from giffgaff - lumia 520 Canny Brits still picking up iPhone 5 bargains

Nokia finally makes it into the Top Ten with the WP8 Lumia 520 smartphone

In the latest Mobile Tracker survey, Apple smartphones have taken the Top Three slots as the most searched for handsets – with the iPhone 5 sitting in Pole Position. This has sent Samsung’s Galaxy S4 tumbling to fourth position.  Here at GoMo News we reckon that it is cynical Brits are cashing in on a potential bargain which has caused the iPhone 5 to top the rankings. After all, they all know that once Apple announces its latest handset(s) this month, nobody will want the iPhone 5. Therefore, resellers will be desperate to get the iPhone 5 off their shelves – now! However, there’s good news for Nokia too because the Lumia 520 has entered the chart at Number Ten. Continue reading

Verizon_wireless_logo Crunch day for Vodafone on disposal of Verizon mobile stake

But what will it do with all the money?

In what looks like a landmark decision for the global telecoms industry, directors of US mobile network operator (MNO) Verizon Wireless will meet later today (2nd September 2013) to vote on whether to acquire Vodafone’s 45 per cent stake in their joint US mobile venture. For years speculation has been rife about when and if Vodafone would yield to Verizon’s overtures, with matters complicated by the fact that the US venture has since grown into a huge cash cow for both sides, inflating any buy-out price. Capital gains tax liability is another major consideration, though under UK laws Vodafone may be spared the worst of this on the basis that it is disposing of a major asset. Continue reading

verizon could make colao's day Vodafone may finally exit Verizon Wireless

Quite frankly, we never saw the synergies

Shares in Vodafone surged in the UK to 204 pence – which is a 12 year high, after it was officially confirmed that Vodafone is in talks with Verizon Communications of the USA. Vodafone actually owns a 45 per cent chunk of Verizon Wireless as the result of a much earlier acquisition of the US based network Airtouch in 1999. We couldn’t see the logic in Vodafone holding a stake in a cdmaOne based network when its expertise lay with GSM based networks. Well, it may receive as much as £84 billion ($130 billion) for its stake which is higher than Vodafone’s current capitalisation. So hanging on in there has paid off. Continue reading

best way to see mclaren on your lumia - a cover Vodafone 4G leaves out Nokia Lumia & F1 fans

It also doesn’t helps if you don’t live in London

Vodafone UK has finally managed the commercial roll out of its 4G/LTE network to those living in London today [August 29th 2013]. Which means that Ofcom handed EE (formerly Everything Everywhere] virtually a ten month lead in 4G over its rivals – 3UK, O2 and Vodafone. However, here at GoMo News we think that the most irritated Vodafone customers will be those who like Formula 1 racing (F1) or who already own a 4G ready Nokia Lumia 925 handset (for example). That’s because there’s no Windows Phone 8 (WP8) version of Sky Sports Mobile TV and F1 isn’t included in the Sky package offered to Vodafone 4G customers. Continue reading