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nothing to see here Heathrow needs a new mobile web site – not runway

Even falling behind Gatwick in mobile friendliness

A few days ago [July 2015], the GoMo News team experienced a definite case of deja vu when we logged onto the official Heathrow Airport  (LHR) site for London, England. We’ve grown completely accustomed to checking up on the status of incoming flights. Being GoMo News, naturally, we access the site via a mobile phone’s browser – in this case our loan Motorola Moto G. With a 4G cellular connexion, access times are as good if not better than a Wi-fi connexion. Imagine our disappointment, therefore, when we encountered a redesigned web site which instead of being more mobile friendly – bucked the trend by becoming even less usable. A while back [August 2013], the GoMo News team heavily criticised the web site for rival London airport Gatwick (GAT) in ‘Gatwick Airport site suddenly becomes user unfriendly‘. This latest development has made Gatwick’s site seem positively mobile friendly by contrast. Heathrow doesn’t need a new runway – it needs world class web designers. Continue reading

LTE could be waste of mobile operator money says AIRCOM

lte AIRCOM International has announced today that mobile operators should be looking at options other than LTE. For networks that are struggling to keep up with the explosion in mobile data usage, AIRCOM says they should consider the much cheaper option of HSPA+
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ITU debating which tech to adopt as 4G

Rating: six way fight
Wow. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has received no fewer than six candidates for providing the next generation of mobile networks which is commonly referred to as 4G. The ITU calls it IMT-Advanced.
This situation is very reminiscent of the fight which took place over 3G where, effectively, three different versions [...]

All you need to know about eBay and the Skype sale

skype-ebayRumours surfaced last Friday about a group of private investors who were pooling resources to buy Skype from eBay. Today, more reports are emerging that eBay may be only moments away from confirming the sale – at a much smaller figure than it originally paid. But what’s the history behind this deal, and why is eBay selling? Continue reading

WiMAX underperformance for Packet One proves mobile Internet case

mobile-operatorsDespite a healthy level of global interest and excitement surrounding WiMAX, Malaysian operator Packet One (P1) Networks reports it has fallen short of its subscriber target. When the service launched a year ago, P1 expected to have 100,000 subscribers by now – but has announced 80,000. Continue reading

China Mobile expands 3G and prepares for 4G

800px-flag_of_the_republic_of_chinasvgChina Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou continues his 9-day tour Taiwan today, and has announced two new deals with Taiwanese companies. Wireless chipmaker MediaTek will be creating 3G chips for China Mobile devices, while Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute will be working with it on 4G technologies. Continue reading

The AMD vs. NVIDIA mobile chip battle – a case of mountain vs. molehill?

zune NVIDIA had some good news today, officially confirming the presence of its Tegra chip on the Zune HD. But rival chip maker AMD had its own announcement. AMD claims that its discrete mobile graphics chips have swept to the top spot in the market, claiming 53% of the discrete mobile market. But is that just a case of trying to rain on NVIDIAs parade, or is it actually a big win for AMD?
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Green Tech: Wi-Fi enabled street lights


Duratelhas created a new line of street lights. They ar called Composite Street lights and and they conceal a Wi-Fi antenna. Continue reading

GeoSentric developers of GyPSii wins mobile social networking application EP1295500


The mobile social networking company GyPSii born out of Benefon has been granted a an EU wide patent for friend finding services. Continue reading

Dairy Queen invests more in mobile marketing, with RFID customer loyalty scheme

Dairy Queen has been playing heavily with mobile solutions for its marketing needs. At the end of April it announced great results from an idle-screen campaign, and now they’ve gone with an RFID loyalty rewards scheme. The new tech is the first implementation of RFID mobile marketing from a company called Tetherball, who specialise in [...]

Intel sinks $43 million into Japanese WiMAX

Intel has announced that it has invested $43 million dollars into Japanese mobile internet company UQ Communications. The 4G mobile network should be launched by the start of next month, with Intel also providing the embedded tech required to connect to the service.

Intel has been working with UQ for a good while now – next [...]

Tesco gives away free laptops to get people on mobile broadband

Tesco today announced that customers can purchase laptops and mobile broadband as part of a bundle through its site. As part of the introduction, customers will be able to pick up the actual laptops for free. The only cost currently incurred is the monthly fee for the mobile broadband. But  it should go without [...]

GoMo Updates: NVIDIAs Tegra devices stir up Mobile Internet Devices

NVIDIA Corporation today announced 12 mobile Internet devices. Various industry partners will be creating high-def MIDs running on the new Tegra processor, which NVIDIA claims is “the world’s smallest and lowest power computer-on-a-chip”. This news has created quite a stir, so we’ve looked around to see what the word is.

What do they mean by computer-on-a-chip? [...]

Discretix announces DRM for Moorestown, but does it have a place on the mobile internet?

Discretix today announced the launch of its DRM service for the Intel Mobile Internet Device, codenamed “Moorestown“. The security providers Multi-Scheme DRM client has been now been optimized to run on Moorestown, and the Linux-based Moblin OS. But does DRM really have a place in the long run?

Discretix specialises in embedded security tech for all [...]

GoMo Buzzwatch: Blackberry Curve 8900 on sale from AT&T tomorrow… no wait, today

AT&T has officially announced that the BlackBerry Curve 8900 will be available from them tomorrow. Except that it’s already available over on their website. Error or easter egg? You decide!

The phone is reportedly selling for $199, with a two-year contract. It really is sexy as hell, if you’re into Blackberrys. Even if you’re not, a [...]