Cellufun bring Social Networked games to Facebook and intergrate them with Mobiles

Rating: Take no prisoners comrades

The say: Cellufun, developers of multi environment and single payers games have launched a Facebook application that fully integrates their mobile game portal into the popular social network on both the web and the phone.

Cellufun’s application offers users the first mobile, fully multiplayer game experience on Facebook.  Additionally, Cellufun is the only mobile game network that allows users to take quality games from the PC Facebook experience to the mobile phone and vice versa.  All of the current social aspects of Cellufun’s games including scoreboards, leader recognition and multi-player gaming will be integrated into the Facebook application, allowing game status to be updated on Facebook, even if game play was completed on the mobile phone.

“The Cellufun community leverages social networking for its games, so Facebook offers a perfect platform for extending the community outward,” said Steve Dacek, Cellufun’s COO and Co-Founder.  “We are incredibly excited about reaching a whole new audience via this platform”.

Cullufun aim is to release 2 new games to the Facebook crowd every month.

We say: Social Networked games are destined to be huge, you only have to look at the success of the PS3/Microsoft online multiplayer arena’s. Most of the people I know on Facebook only like playing Scrabalous, so perhaps there will be something to entice them in Cellufun’s offering, mind you if Cellufun ask you add 20 freinds when you install their application I for one will be deleting it straight away. Now if anybody could port a lower quality but just as fun Call of Duty 4 to a online mobile game, I’m sure I would never sleep, ever! My UAV is online!

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