CES: Intel announces ‘Make It Wearable’ challenge

Strives to stop Google hijacking smart wearables entirely

intel demos the blouse that zips itself up

In a keynote speech just prior to the commencement of CES 2014, Intel’s CEO,  Brian Krzanich ,announced the ‘Make It Wearable’ challenge. This challenge will award more than $1.3 million in cash awards to winners. The aim is also to connect contenders with industry luminaries to help realise their respective ideas. Intel also said it will collaborate with Opening Ceremony in the design and development of a smart bracelet concept based on Intel technology. US luxury retailer, Barneys New York, said will carry the Opening Ceremony smart bracelet in its stores. Visual classification company, WeSEE , commented on how smart wearables might also boost mobile advertising.

There will be tow ways to participate in the ‘Make It Wearable’ challenge: – Visionary or Development.

The visionary track will reward futuristic thinking. Intel will support ideas with the potential to improve the world in a meaningful way.

The development track is for concepts that push the limits of what’s possible. Intel’s incubation process will enable participants to generate a refined design and business plan for their inventions.

The development track is obviously the one to go for with $50,000 going to ten finalists and one $500,000 grand prize.

By comparison, there are only five winners getting $5,000 each in the visionary track. To enter go here.

Adrian Moxley, CMO and co-founder at WeSEE commenting on smart wearables said, “These devices will become a more personal extension of our smartphones and tablets by being worn on the body.”

He continued, “Once we begin to see mass adoption of these products, it will redefine how we view and interact with the world around us.”

“Whilst wearables offer a great opportunity to reach a large cross-section of early adopters and on-the-go consumers, brands must be consider consumer concerns regarding the amount of personal data being collected on them.”

“Successful brands will be those that mine data and show consumers that they are doing so to provide superior user experiences.”

“Undoubtedly, these hyper-aware and location-based devices will open new advertising opportunities and the less intrusive these are the better”

“For example, if the devices are used as personal media streaming devices, advertisers have an opportunity to offer smart, overlaid targeted adverts depending on the content that is accessed via the devices”

Adrian Moxley concluded, “How brand advertisers will make the most of these new technologies still remains to be seen, but wearables could shake up media consumption habits, and therefore digital advertising, as much as smartphones first did a few years ago.”

To encourage people to take the Make It Wearable challenge, Intel has created a short promo video (see below).

GoMo News was particularly impressive with the ladies blouse that zips itself up.

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