CES: Intel to phase out the McAfee brand

Retains the red shield for new Intel Security brand

In a pre-show speech at CES 2014, Intel CEO,  Brian Krzanich, revealed the Intel Security brand and disclosed  his company’s plans to transition McAfee products to the new brand whilst still retaining the familiar red shield. As new products are introduced, the McAfee brand name will be phased out and branded Intel Security.  The re-branding will begin immediately, but the transition may take up to a year before it is complete.

Krzanich said Intel plans to offer elements of McAfee mobile security products for free to help guard today’s most popular mobile devices.

Later in 2014 the company will introduce Intel Device Protection technology  to improve enterprise security for all Intel-based Android mobile devices.

These data and device protection solutions help guard today’s most popular mobile devices, including Apple iPhone and iPad along with Android devices.

“The complexity of keeping digital identities safe grows as mobile applications and devices become a more important part of our daily lives,” Krzanich said.

He added, “Intel’s intent is to intensify our efforts dedicated to making the digital world more secure, and staying ahead of threats to private information on mobile and wearable devices.”

As corporate BYOD (bring-your-own-device) programs have grown in popularity, many firms have prohibited Android based devices that weren’t compatible with their companies’ security requirements.

Therefore Intel Security this year will offer Intel Device Protection technology, which will help Intel-based Android mobile devices meet most security standards for use at home and work.

Hmm. That should cover GoMo News‘ loan Motorola RAZR i and Prestigio Multiphone 5430, then.

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