CES: Metaio will demo advanced AR with Mirage browser

It’s not just Google Glass – Epson & Vuzix have shipping products, too

google's glass again

Everyone has heard of Google’s Glass augmented reality (AR) spectacles, but at CES 2014, AR specialist, Metaio, will be exhibiting its ware in conjunction with Epson and Vuzix. Among the demonstrations shown will be a 3-D maintenance app for a Mitsubishi Electric HVAC unit; a demo that allows potential car buyers to switch out components on a vehicle; and ‘Mirage’, the first AR ever browser for wearable computing. In addition, Metaio’s CEO, Dr Thomas Alt, will share his insight on the AR industry. He will participating in a panel entitled, ‘Augmented Reality: The Next Big Thing or Information Overload’?

The two products which Metaio will help to show case are the Android powered AR spectacles from Epson – the Moverio BT-100 and the M-100 from Vuzix (which actually debued @ CES 2011).

Sadly, in the picture which Metaio provided, the young lady is actually wearing Google Glass AR spectacles. Perhaps it is meant to showcase the ‘Mirage’ browser?

“Wearable computing doesn’t make sense without augmented reality,” Dr Alt observed.

He continued, “Metaio is creating methods of interaction that enhance vision and make experiencing the digital more intuitive and more natural.”

“The first step is transporting that information right before your eyes in a hands-free interface.”

Naturally, Metaio is predicting that 2014 will begin a new era of wearable computing devices, all of which can be enhanced by visualisation technologies like Augmented Reality.

Try visiting Epson at booth S214 and Vuzix at booth 14846 @ CES 2014.

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