ChangingWorlds Launches with Far East Tone Taiwan

Communicasia 2008, Singapore
ChangingWorlds, the global expert in mobile data personalization and subscriber intelligence techniques for mobile operators, today announced that Far East Tone (FET) Taiwan is the latest mobile operator to deploy its ClixSmart Intelligent Portal Platform solution to support its mobile data strategy.

ChangingWorlds is providing full portal management support to enable FET
to rapidly develop, update and publish a feature rich mobile portal. It
provides FET with intuitive editorial functionality to easily edit and
publish an array of rich mobile content so that FET can focus on the
creation of compelling data services. Moreover the
‘One-click-publishing’ features enabled by ChangingWorlds’ portal
management reduce the time to market of new data services and minimizes
portal administration overheads for FET.

ChangingWorlds is also enabling ‘Profiling Lite’ – which enables limited
personalized services based on user demographics. FET plans to implement
full ClixSmart intelligent personalization later this year in order to
offer subscribers highly relevant and individualized mobile data

FET will also deploy ClixSmart Content Integration Manager – a solution
which automatically generates personalized, dynamic content teasers that
enrich the user experience of the FET mobile portal, stimulates
increased click-through and drives up mobile data ARPU. ClixSmart
teasers, which include text and images, are rotated dynamically and
personalized according to the ClixSmart user profile to provide a
compelling and relevant user experience that entices portal users into
downloading more portal content, thus driving up traffic and increasing
data revenues.

As part of its service to FET, ChangingWorlds will also deliver
ClixSmart Device Manager, a high performance rendering and transcoding
solution which optimizes the portal content presentation on different
subscriber handsets. 

Speaking today, Marie Holmes, ChangingWorlds’ APAC Director said “We are
delighted to work with FET, a mobile operator that has a strong
reputation for innovation, having delivered many firsts in the Taiwanese
mobile market place. The delivery of an enhanced mobile portal and
personalized content teasers will be another first for the operator. FET
was the first to offer Taiwan consumers numerous value-added services
such as a “Mobile MSN Messenger” service and real-time access to
financial, entertainment and headline news. ChangingWorlds can now
enable FET to personalize these value-added services so that the
relevant mobile data services are targeted & personalized according to
an individual’s content preferences.”

Also speaking today Mr. Roger Chen, Director of Business Strategy &
Marketing in FET commented “In FET, we are committed to enabling our
subscribers to benefit from more convenient and diverse services in
mobile communications. FET has already established a leadership position
in terms of data services & revenues and we see ChangingWorlds’
technology as an integral component of our strategy to maintain and
enhance this leadership position.”


About ChangingWorlds

ChangingWorlds is the global expert in the personalization of Mobile
Internet data and the creation of in-depth subscriber intelligence for
mobile operators.
Since its inception, the company has championed and pioneered the need
for the intelligent delivery of personalized content to ensure the
success of the Mobile Internet. These efforts have proven successful and
today, after more than 50 mobile operators worldwide have implemented
ChangingWorlds’ patented, unique personalization solutions, the industry
as a whole recognizes that personalization is a core requirement for
every Mobile Internet strategy. ChangingWorlds has continued to blaze
the trail for personalized mobile content discovery, delivering
innovative personalization solutions for mobile portal navigation,
mobile search, mobile advertising, and mobile content recommendations
both on and off- portal.

ChangingWorlds’ suite of personalization solutions provides targeting
and personalization technology that accelerates content discovery and
individualizes the user experience of the Mobile Internet. Results from
implementations of the ClixSmart Personalization solution, for example,
have shown a significant increase of Mobile Internet ARPU (Average
Revenue Per User) and a 30 percent increase in Mobile Internet traffic.

ChangingWorlds’ customer base worldwide includes Vodafone Global, the O2
Group, T-mobile, TeliaSonera, CSL Hong Kong and Celcom Malaysia. The
company employs over 140 highly qualified staff in its headquarters in
Ireland (Dublin), in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), and in the U.S. (San

Press Contact
Kathrina Gallogly
Marketing Manager
ChangingWorlds Ltd.
Tel:    +353-1-4359806
Mobile:    +353-87-2797362

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  1. Sorry ChangingWorlds Profiling Lite sounds to me like customisation rather true personalization !

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