Charge your phone & answer it in bathroom

Solution for Brits with no mains outlets in the washroom

use the chant, luke

Over here in Blighty [England], there’s a perennial problem of what to do if your mobile phone has run out of charge but you still need to answer it. Plus – worst of all, you need to be in the bathroom [washroom] so you can shave to get to work, for example. The laws in the UK prevent anyone installing electrical outlets for anything other than an electric shaver. So you can’t plug you mobile phone in anywhere in the bathroom. And, of course, you can’t shower or shave if you have a Bluetooth headset attached to your ear! We found the answer courtesy of the Chant Bluetooth speaker fromf the House of Marley.

Regular GoMo News readers will have read our review of the Chant wireless speaker here.

One of its features is an ability to interrupt streamed music from a smartphone and answer an incoming call – because it is also fitted with a microphone.

So you can have the smartphone – in our case the loan Motorola Moto G, plugged into the mains power in the bedroom.

Then using the Radioplayer app, we stream an Internet radio station – in our case Chill Radio, to the Chant.

The only problem you have left is how to get the handset to auto-answer incoming calls.

Well, luckily, this being Android there’s an app for that. And GoMo News found one called Auto Answer the phone FREE from Black Mountain which does the trick.

And you can use the free version of Black Mountain’s app. We didn’t have time to try the same trick with an iPhone.

However, Appcrawler has reviewed ten suitable auto answer apps for iOS here. One of the free one should work!

Now there’s no need to come tearing out of the bathroom when you hear your mobile phone ringing. Neat.

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