Cheap voice calls specialist introduces an app for Nokia Asha phones

Symbian is dead so long live Nokia’s Series 40

With the news that WhatsApp is considering offering its users free calls and the fact that arch rival LINE already offers such free calls, it’s easy to forget that in the majority of cases, consumers still have to pay for ‘cheap’ international calls. The technology which makes these calls possible is, of course, VoIP [Voice over IP]. Although Skype has its own flavour of the technology,  VoIP is what it utilises to provide cheap callers for its subscribers, for example. However, Skype doesn’t suit everyone and it certainly does cover all mobile platforms. Which is where cheap phone call software specialist – Mobile VOIP comes in. And guess what – Mobile VOIP has just announced that it now has a VoIP client for Nokia’s S40 Asha (Series 40) range of handsets.

A company spokeswoman told GoMo News, “With the recent news of Microsoft giving Symbian the boot and concentrating on Windows and Asha devices, we felt it was a good idea to release a VoIP app for Asha as well.”

What she meant really was Nokia not Microsoft, of course. But these days many people already view Nokia as part of Microsoft anyway.

It’s worth taking a look at the Mobile VOIP site because the company not only has the obligatory VoIP clients for iOS and Android, it also has clients for BlackBerry; Windows Phone; Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Plus, crucially, it has a client for Nokia Symbian devices which GoMo news would guess even covers the highly popular Nokia N73.

Now Mobile VOIP itself is only the software provider. In order to place the actual low cost voice calls from your mobile phone, you’ll have to sign yourself up with one of the specialist VoIP service providers.

The list of companies which Mobile VOIP supports is highly impressive with names such as Call2India and PanggilanMalaysia showing that many of these services are aimed at Asian users.

To date Mobile VOIP has around 10 million users of its software and by releasing the Asha client, GoMo News can only see that number growing significantly.

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