Check in on Grandma? There’s an app for that

New venture from WE7 founders helps families stay in touch

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are my parents ok today? - purdham

January 21st 2014. Technology entrepreneur, Steve Purdham, and his WE7 partner, Gareth Reakes, have again joined forces to launch a new UK online service that aims to bring families closer together and help look after elderly relatives. 3rings links an elderly person’s landline to family members or friends, via an app, text message, or emails, to let them know they’re OK each day, or alert them if not.

In the days before mobile phones, giving someone three rings was a code to let families communicate all was well.

3rings Care is bringing that code back but this time for the internet generation.

Based on the traditional landline, 3rings overcomes any techno-fear in the user’s home.

Elderly users receive or make a call to the 3rings automated service using their traditional landline.

This then automatically contacts the network of family or friends using an app, SMS, email or calls, to let them know they are OK each day.

If a call is not answered, all family members signed-up are alerted by their chosen method and one of them can respond.

The service then keeps all the family updated until any issue is resolved.

3rings has been developed as a cloud-based service allowing the company to scale easily in the future.

Available online with free apps for iOS and Android, there are two paid-for services (£5.99 per month and £9.9 per month and a free trial.

Software development included the app itself, a communications engine which monitors inbound and outbound communications and bridges the gap between old and new comms platforms.

Plus it’s a sophisticated and highly secure method of managing the friends and family contact groups.

The UK target is 100,000 families using the service, before the company looks to expand into other regions.

3rings expects the primary audience to be women, who normally take responsibility for checking in on family members.

Investment has been provided by the three founders: – Steve Purdham, Gareth Reakes and Julie Purdham.

The inspiration for 3rings came from Steve’s mum, Iris.

Steve explained, “We wanted to create a simple solution which answered the question, “are my ageing parents okay today”?’

He continued, “3rings removes the need for installing any technical equipment into the home of the elderly relative, relying instead on the familiar telephone which makes it easy to use.”

“3rings then bridges to the internet to communicate to family members using apps, email or text – methods that are now commonplace across a family’s demographic.”

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