Chen says BlackBerry will go keyboard centric

So why is Indonesia being given the touch Z3?

mistake to push the touch only Z3

Here at GoMo Towers, we have long argued that BlackBerry’s USP [Unique Selling Point] is the fact that its handsets traditionally sport a very useable keypad. In fact, as long ago as January [2014] we wrote a story saying that ‘BlackBerry is waking up to its Qwerty USP at last‘. So naturally we were delighted to read the reports quoting BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, saying, “The focus is going to be very keyboard-centric.” The smartphone vendor, however, is on course to debut its latest BB10 handset in Indonesia – a key market. Yet the Z3 aka the Jakarta is a touch model with no keypad. We’re also waiting for BlackBerry to wake up to the fact that in emerging markets it needs a dual SIM model.

What seems to have brought BlackBerry and its “turnaround” specialist – John Chen, back to Earth with a bump is its latest set of financial figures.

Amongst the dire news is the harsh reality that the company only managed to shift 1.1 million BB10 based devices but it was still able to sell 2.3 million BB7 models.

It is also very significant that the Canadian company has admitted that only 37 per cent of its sales came from handset sales in the last quarter.

GoMo reckons that the company is probably sitting on a gold mine with BBM and if rumours that it can launch an encrypted version of the IM [Instant Messaging] software are true then it can make even more money of of its software.

However, BlackBerry will have to move fast to reinforce its image as a vendor of highly secure smartphones.

It’s emerged that there have been reports that US President, Barack Obama – a blatant BlackBerry fan, has been seen testing handsets from Samsung and LG.

GoMo wonders, however, if this has more to do with the US President needing to be seen using a phone connected to Verizon Wireless – the USA’s most successful MNO [Mobile Network Operator] rather than any indication he’s fallen out of love with his BlackBerry.

Incidentally, we recently spotted that gthe BlackBerry is still very popular in South Africa from stats covering mobile web usage. Does Chen know this, we wonder?

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