Chinese MVNOs big lure for mobile connectivity firm

Tweaker eyes up 25+ MVNOs coming onto Chinese market

Chinese office to be powerhouse - poulsen

As regular GoMo News will already know, the tide is turning against the established mobile phone makers – such as Samsung and Apple, towards local handset manufacturers in emerging markets. So focusing on China makes a great deal of sense for numerous reasons. Brands like BlackBerry and Apple already have their products made in China under contract, for example. Plus there is a new phenomenon just emerging in the Chinese market – the rise of the MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator]. Which is why handset connectivity software specialist, Tweakker has just announced a new focus on the region.

“We expect our new Chinese office to be the powerhouse behind growth in that market,” says Dennis Juul Poulsen, Tweakker’s CEO.

According to China’s Ministry of Industry, there will be eight million MVNO subscribers by Q1 2015 but 50 million by Q1 2016.

Tweakker intends to build on its success with MVNOs in mature markets such as Europe and the USA by developing supply contracts with the 25 or so Chinese MVNOs now coming onto the market.

Since 2009, Tweaker has developed a customerbase of over 100 MVNOs and smartphone manufacturers.

Plus it has already connected over 100 million devices via its cloud connectivity service.

Yet one Cyprus based handset manufacturer still doesn’t use itsproducts and wonders why it isn’t more successful despite having Intel’s backing.

Also, as the Internet of Things (IoT) market develops to connect over 30 billion devices by 2020, Tweakker believes that this can only serve to increase demand for its patented software.

“Recently added resources [like the new Chinese office in Shenzen] will be key to realising our ambition to become the connectivity supplier-of-choice to handset manufacturers and MVNOs worldwide,” Dennis Juul Poulsen added.

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