Cimbal has at least 1 fan for its 2D colour barcode tech

Rating: Old chestnut of the Datamatrix code re-appears

Following our recent story ‘ScanLife enters tech spat with logo-centric QR codes’ here, an avid reader – Chris Boone contacted us concerning another alternative to colour QR codes. In this case, they are an alternative ‘Open’ 2D barcode technology – Datamatrix. Loyal readers may remember companies such as Abaxia championing the Datamatrix format in Europe against the rise of the QR code. It preferred to refer to such 2D barcodes as ‘mobiletags’.This is what Cimbal fan, Boone, said,”Check out Cimbal. Logos are embedded into the code itself and are much more easily recognizable.”

“What ScanLife and similar competitors provide is still a very ugly QR code,” Boone argues. “Cimbal has a much more robust offering and scanner technology.”

Visit the Cimbal web site and judge for yourselves.

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