Cisco group says BYOD could spell disaster for Americans

Rating: Fixing security holes could prove expensive

Here’s an interesting take on BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] – a US based report called BYOD Insights 2013′. It was commissioned by a group of Cisco partner firms. The study argues that network managers, IT workers and CIOs have all been surveyed as to how BYOD affects them. But nobody had thought to ask everday employees how they use their smartphones for work , or so the report argues. Now the whole thing is incredibly US centric but there are, nonetheless, some very intriguing findings. The report is absolutely free and all you need to do is visit this page to get it.

The report analyses data gathered from 1,000 US citizens in full-time employment.

The survey also bases its stats on a smartphone population of 53 million, based on figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Pew Internet & American Life project.

The report concludes quite controversially that as that number of smartphone owners grows and more Americans return to the workforce in the recovery from the current recession, “BYOD will cause security breakdowns and cost companies money.”

GoMo News guesses that the hidden agenda here is that Cisco partners just so happen to be able to supply secure systems.

Anyway, some of the key findings from the report are: -

• 62 per cent of US employees who use their own smartphone for work ,do so everyday
• 92 per cent of US employees who use their smartphones for work did so that week
• Only 1 in 10 workers get some kind of work stipend for their smartphone
• 39 per cent of workers who use personal smartphones for work don’t password protect
• 52 per cent access unsecured Wi-fi networks
• 69 per cent of BYODers are expected to access work emails after hours

Among smartphone password protectors, the breakdown between operating systems is the reverse of what you might expect.

Fifty-four percent of Android users lock their devices with a password, while 66 per cent of iOS users have password protection.

Strange, then that Android owners have more chance of getting a virus than those with iOS devices. Install free anti-virus apps is what we recommend.

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2 Responses to Cisco group says BYOD could spell disaster for Americans

  1. Ethan Evans says:

    I think the Cisco survey yields some important info, and I also was surprised that only 59% protect their phones with a password to help protect data if lost or stolen. What I would really like to know, what is the number of companies are developing their own security app for HIPAA or SOX. With an increasing number of apps with API’s like Tigertext’s HIPAA compliant text messaging API TigerConnect – I think more IT departments are building their own security app for their employee’s phones to help protect and secure data.

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