Citrix says that Google Maps is creaming Apple’s version

Despite iTunes four apps generate 82% of iOS mobile data volumes

google's maps is on more iOS devices globally

By a stroke of luck, Citrix has just released its ByteMobile Mobile Analytics Report for Q2 2013 which confirms what we have all long suspected. On a global basis, Google Maps usage on Apple devices surpasses that of Apple’s own map application. More surprisingly just four apps generate 82 per cent of iOS mobile data volumes. However, iTunes Radio taps into a growing trend.

Google Maps is preferred over Apple Maps on iOS devices throughout most of the world.

Apple holds an edge in its home North American market, in particular, with users preferring Apple Maps over Google Maps 63 per cent to 37 per cent.

Google Maps dominates the rest of the world, with Google Maps preference peaking at 80 per cent in the Asia Pacific region.

It seems unbelievable given the success of iTunes but Citrix says that just four apps generate 82 per cent of mobile data volume on iOS devices.

Those are Media Player, Safari, App Store and Facebook, with Media Player accounting for nearly half.

Internet radio in particular is an emerging category representing 12 per cent of mobile data volume in North America and four per cent outside of the region.

The recent announcement by Apple of iTunes Radio suggests that Internet radio will continue its strong growth as iTunes Radio traffic adds to that driven by popular applications such as Spotify and Pandora.

Read full details of the report here.

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