City-Insights proves mobile tech can help tourists engage with local history

Oxford & Poole get QR code and NFC treatment

giving tourists something to do - bruce grant-braham

A digital consultancy, City-Insights , has found a way to bring historic places to life for visitors and tourists using readily available mobile technologies. They are invited to capture QR codes or tap NFC tags to take them to a bespoke web platform. This enables them to understand and appreciate a towns’ history; gain information and directions; find maps, hear stories and discover fun activities through their smartphones or tablets. All whilst they stroll around the streets. Amongst the first locations to receive this treatment across the UK are charming seaside town Poole in Dorset and famous university town – Oxford.

Unlike traditional means of way-finding and signage, the deployed interactive technology is always up-to-date and gives visitors an unparalleled level of engagement with the town and its history.

In Poole, using City-Insights’ web platform, users standing by Poole harbour can see vintage film of the old flying boats landing on the same stretch of water.

“The strategic aim for Poole Tourism is to give tourists not only somewhere to stay, not only somewhere to eat, but also something to do whilst they are here,” explained Bruce Grant-Braham, chairman of Poole Tourism.

He added, “This Trail will be tremendous for that, to bring them to the history.”

City-Insights offerings have proved popular and successful not only with towns and city centres, but also in museums, on university campuses, in office buildings and in parks.

Its interactive, location-based tools can be put to use anywhere that up-to-date information is required specifically in relation to that place.

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