Cloudview seeks to replace analogue CCTV with VSaaS

Solution ideally suited to mobile sector resellers

the analogue comfort blanket has served well - wickes

Generally speaking, CCTV users remain stubbornly attached to their analogue systems. By contrast, digital IP systems still accounting for just over a fifth of new installations. Yet the global CCTV market has been expanding at a CAGR of around 20 per cent since 2012 and is expected to reach almost $23.5 billion by the end of 20141. However, Cloudview reckons it has the answer in the shape of VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service. Significantly, the system is ideally suited to mobile resellers.Not only does it support traditional wired,  but Wi-fi and 3G/4G connectivity, too.

With Cloudview,  there is no need to rip and replace existing analogue CCTV infrastructures in order to upgrade.

It utilises a Visual Network Adapter (VNA) connected to the company’s cloud-based Visual Network System (VNS).

Hence it can be added to any existing analogue CCTV system without impacting existing recording/monitoring.

Organisations remain suspicious of digital solutions – viewing them as  both insecure and more complex.

In fact, automatic updating of the Cloudview VNA firmware over the Internet is supported.

Indeed, Cloudview’s systems can be managed and accessed from a browser using a laptop, tablet or smartphone,with any internet connexion.

Significantly, using wireless technology, surveillance systems  can be extended to cope with remote sites such as wind/solar farms; storage yards, and sports venues.

“The analogue comfort blanket has served the surveillance market well,” commented Cloudview CEO, James Wickes, “but is starting to show its age and needs to be brought up to date.”

The company is currently looking to develop a network of international and UK based resellers for distribution.

Read the full Press release here.


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