Comverse and IBM offer mobile operators a helping hand

excellence IBM and Comverse obviously feel they have a lot of help they can sell to mobile operators in Europe. The two companies have joined forces to create a “Centre of Excellence” in France, which will offer its services to operators globally.

IBM and Comverse:

Comverse is best described as a mobile technology provider, really. It offers services to mobile operators that allow them to upgrade both what they can offer subscribers, and the efficiency with which they run their networks. This includes integrating Internet Protocol (IP) tech into the network, improving customer and billing management, and improving basic network services like voice, messaging, 3G and mobile advertising.

IBM hardly needs to be introduced. The computer, technology and consultancy firm is one of the most well known names in the business world. It is worth noting that IBM has shown a lot of interest in mobile this year, including mobile commerce, enterprise applications and speech solutions.

What’s the Centre of Excellence (CoE)?

The idea is that operators will come to the Centre in order to obtain some Excellence… presumably for a large amount of Money. It is intended as a central location where operators can access all of the various services that both IBM and Comverse can offer. This should allow them to deliver new services faster, with better support, using software from both IBM and Comverse. Dror Bin, President of Global Sales at Comverse said that he believes the joint effort of both companies will far outclass either one working along, as “the Comverse-IBM relationship backed by the Centre of Excellence will allow our joint customers to have more efficient operations and generate new revenues.”

The CoE will provide advanced testing facilities for new services as well, so operators can judge simulated roll outs.

What we think?

I think this a great idea. While both companies can provide services in the same area, instead of competing they are complementing each others strengths. IBM is focused more on the hardware and server side of things, where Comverse is far more software oriented. I’ll be interested to see what kind of services come out of the CoE.

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