Consumers can avoid sending back a Xmas handset in error

Common mistakes made by those receiving handsets as Xmas presents

Cellebrite, a leading provider of mobile data transfer solutions, is offering some useful advice on how misunderstandings over a smartphone given as an Xmas gift can result in wasted time and money through unnecessarily sending it for repair. As the one of the number one gift choices this Xmas, many tech and mobile lovers will be waking up on Wednesday morning {December 25th 2013] to a brand new smartphone. With multiple models now on the market, all with exciting new features, including accurate GPS capability, incredible camera resolution and large displays, it’s no wonder the smartphone will be filling many of our Xmas stockings this year.

With 95 per cent of consumers admitting that they don’t actually read the instructions that come with a new phone, this does not bode well for the majority of us, especially amongst the excitement of Xmas morning.

It means that this shiny new window to the world could be discarded, as many are, as ‘broken’. Actually, it’s not really broken – just misunderstood.

What seems like a minor oversight often results in the consumer taking the phone back to the vendor for ‘repair.’

without the right technology, the retailer would have no choice but to send the phone off to be diagnosed by the official manufacturer’s or mobile network operator’s repair house.

This could take at least 48 hours- when, in fact, an accurate diagnosis could be made right there in store. Thus saving both time and money.

Cellebrite claims that with its ‘Detect and Correct’ Diagnostic solution, consumers can even avoid going into the store – through having an app already installed on the device.

With the app, they can check for common faults themselves at home; contact the provider’s or operator’s call centre; and allow them to take over the phone remotely.

This can even be done through ‘community support’ by allowing the remote takeover of the device by a trusted friend to help fix the problem.

Cellebrite reckons it can provide a complete range of solutions for the mobile retail industry.

Offerings include phone to phone content transfer; backup and restore; diagnostics and application; content delivery at the point of sale, plus automated phone BuyBack solutions.

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