Cook full English & simultaneously charge your iPhone

Good for some music festivals which hopefully includes WOMAD

full english & iphone recharge in 1 - biolite

The sun is shining here in Blighty [UK], so our thoughts naturally turn to hopes of a balmy [sunny] Summer of music festivals. What’s an Englishman/woman’s major challenge when camping out in the middle of nowhere – as is the case with most music festivals? Answer: – How are you going to cook a full English breakfast?* Oh, and what are you going to do about re-charging your iPhone (or any other smartphone for that matter)? We came across one device which sounds like it is the answer to any English person’s prayers. The Biolite Camping stove. Basically you can burn wood to heat the frying pan and charge your smartphone simultaneously. Camp fires and barbecues are banned at most music festivals but some such as WOMAD Charlton Park allow camping stoves.

Now it’s very obvious that the Biolite was designed with the great American outdoors in mind where there should be an ample supply of wood, pine cones, and other combustibles.

Which are in short supply at most music festivals but it appears you can use packaged charcoal bricks intended for barbecues instead.

There’s the small obstacle of the Biloite’s weight. At 2 lbs 1 oz or 935 g, some have criticised it for being too heavy. But GoMo News thinks it is worth the extra effort.

The power output sounds impressive on paper, too.  It’s a maximum continuous 2W @5V with a peak of 4W @5V.

One tester has claimed it charged up his Android smartphone to 50 per cent after two hours.

We did read one review which stated that it took one tester around two hours to generate enough heat to recharge his Android mobile phone.

That was painted as a downside but GoMo News thinks that’s pretty good going.

Now, as we pointed out in a previous story ‘Re-charge your handset by pedalling‘, you can theoretically recharge your smartphone for free by pedalling at one concession.

But normally, you’re looking at a minimum of £3 and a norm of around £5. So even if you have to bring charcoal, you can still save money.

But the best bit is that you can cook that breakfast. * A typical ‘full English’ consists of sausage, bacon,eggs, baked beans, tomatoes and fried bread with black pudding and maybe hash browns thrown in.

That’s a lot of frying. So it could easily take you a couple of hours to cook for everyone.

Now if you live in the USA, you can simply buy the Biolite direct from the company for $1w29.95 here but here in the UK you best bet is almost certainly which charges £149.99 from here.

If you’re not into burning biomass then you’d better consider a solar charger for your iPhone, so we’ll look at those next.

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