Danger of bill shock from EE’s new 4G roaming

uSwitch’s Rob Kerr – what’s more important cheaper or faster?

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Whilst it is undoubtedly good news that those Brits on EE’s network in the UK can now roaming using 4G in 14 extra countries, one prominent industry analyst warns there is still a danger of bill shock. EE has added 13 new countries to the list of territories where 4G will be available today [August 21st 2014]. South Korea will be launched on August 22nd [2014]. Prior to this, customers could 4G roam in France and Spain, where roaming agreements were launched  back in March [2014] . EE announced inbound 4G roaming for travellers from the USA visiting the UK way back in December 2013. The company says these deals are the latest in a series of outbound roaming agreements that will allow EE customers to enjoy 4G speeds in 16 of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

EE will offer data roaming bundles with a range of consumer and small business price plans including £3 for 50MB up to £25 for a 500MB in the EU.

uSwitch’s mobiles expert, Rob Kerr commented,”EE’s 500MB for £25 may sound generous but this amount of data is up the spout in no time if you’re on superfast mobile broadband abroad.”

He continued, “An allowance of 500MB – whilst a decent amount for an entry-level mobile user – might mean some need to switch to heftier tariffs as they reach their limits.”

Kerr added, “4G roaming speeds are all well and good, but you really need to ask yourself what’s more important to you – cheaper roaming or faster roaming?”

uSwitch’s research shows that customers still worry about maxing out their monthly data allowances.

Many experienced users now know that faster browsing and streaming means that it’s very easy to burn through data on 4G.

Kerr continued, “Now that roaming charges within the EU have come down and consumers are better protected, it would be a shame to still get hit by bill shock because we’re tempted by premium offers such as 4G roaming.”

He added, “It will be a much fairer playing field at the end of 2015 with data roaming charges being scrapped within the EU. So roll on next year, where there is a hope that 4G abroad will be better than free 3G.”

Read the full EE Press release here.

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