Dataflex & Eseye to showcase M2M @ Broadsoft Connections

Your chance to see leading M2M stuff in San Diego

m2m is the future apparently

Here’s a name we haven’t heard in years … Dataflex. GoMo News first wrote about that company nearly 30 years ago. Well, apparently “The 2012 merger of Dataflex with Eseye brought to market the best combination in next generation wireless services and voice technologies.” Eseye is now a leading technology supplier of managed machine-to-machine [M2M] services – providing all aspects of M2M solutions in-house, from design and integration consultancy to dashboard monitoring and control. The news is that Eseye will be showcasing its new HERA800 business continuity router this week [October 2013] @ Broadsoft Connections Go Beyond held in San Diego, USA.

The company claims that the HERA800 delivers all the border elements required by operators including: – VoIP gateway; wire-speed Gb routing; Wi-fi; enterprise session border controller (e-SBC) plus full M2 and 4G/LTE functionality.

The HERA800 range also comes with firmware updates supporting third party vendor equipment such as IP video, SIP phones, Serial, Telemetry and (haven’t heard this one in a while – Ed) Zigbee connected devices

Eseye’s CEO, Julian Hardy, commented, “Eseye and Dataflex are proving to be a formidable force in M2M and VoIP, providing a complete end-to-end service with full design, deployment and support capabilities.”

Dataflex’ CTO, Jon Darley, added, “Dataflex has been manufacturing and supplying enterprise grade integrated access devices (IADs) and voice gateways to carriers worldwide for over a decade.”

“Through its partnership with Eseye, this latest product launch marks another significant chapter for both companies as we continue to develop world class M2M solutions.”

Dataflex is now a VoIP hardware supplier but GoMo News knew the company when it made modems.

At one point in time (then) Wimbledon-based Dataflex was owned by Alan Sugar’s Amstrad. Not a lot of people know that.

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