Deadline extended for Tech Trailblazers awards

Coz there’s new Fintech & IoT categories – both key mobile areas

big supporter of startup ecosystem - ortiz

Things have suddenly got pretty hectic for those running the highly successful Tech Trailblazers awards. The guys have just announced a new category for the awards: – namely, the FinTech Trailblazers. The new category will reward the best of breed FinTech startups who are blazing trails in the financial/technical services sector. There was already a new category for 2014 which is the Internet of Things [IoT] which we still call M2M. These two categories join the existing actegories: – Cloud, Infosecurity, Big Data, and Storage. Crucially, there is a new deadline … Startups have until September 19th [2014] to complete their entries. And there’s a reader offer.

The new FinTech category comes courtesy of GFT – an expert in big data in the financial services industry. It will also sponsor the Big Data Trailblazers category.

“GFT is already a big supporter of the startup ecosystem with its groundbreaking CODE_n innovation platform,” commented Christopher Ortiz,md of GFT UK.

he continued, “The opportunity for GFT to recognize excellence in the FinTech startup community reinforces our commitment to innovative approaches such as harnessing big data to the challenges faced by banking today.”

Rose Ross, Tech Trailblazers Awards founder and Chief Trailblazer, explained, “It is very exciting to welcome GFT, a key player in both the big data and the financial services market, to the Tech Trailblazers Awards and bring another strong startup ambassador into the Tech Trailblazers ecosystem.”

She continued, “GFT’s ability to connect our winners with other key players within the innovative space of financial services is a great benefit for our winners.”

Winners are awarded with prizes worth thousands of dollars from an estimated $1 million prize fund, to fuel the growth of their business.

All entrants including those in the mobile technology category, will also be automatically entered free of charge for Regional Trailblazers Cups.

Readers of GoMo News can also get a $50 discount on the first category of their entries.

All you need to do is email ‘innovate @ techtrailblazers dot com’ to get the special code.

GoMo News anticipates there being heightened interest in the new categories in the Indian and Asia Pacific regions.

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