Deepen Shah reinvents himself as digital advertising platform CEO

Bye-bye Buzzd – hello Darcher Media

shah - from buzzd to darcher

When GoMo News last caught up with Deepen Shah back in 2010, it was as the co-creator of a mobile social networks and location app called Buzzd. The company of the same name has disappeared and the app is no longer available in iTunes. However, Deepen is now the CEO of a new company – Darcher Media which he claims is ranked third as an ad network in the entire USA by Quantcast – here. What’s more Shah says that Darcher Media serves over 6 billion ad impressions monthly across the globe which you can check with Screencast here. Seems that the boy has done well.

The weird thing is that Deepen Shah seems to believe that you can bury the past which, thanks to the power of search engines like Google, you can’t of course.

In particular Mr Shah is keen to forget the video he made for GoMo News which we published as ‘What’s hot in town? Find out with mobile social networks and location from Buzzd

Shah tells GoMo News, “I was pretty hungover when I did that interview and a lot of folks who now know me as a sober individual have attacked me on it.”

Well, we’ve got good news for Deepen – whoever originally posted that video on YouTube has now changed its status from public to private so you can’t see it any more. Nice one.

So Deepen can now relax and concentrate his energies on Darcher Media which he says is cash-flow positive and has experienced tremendous growth over the last year.

Shah reckons that Darcher Media’s key advantage lies in its audience segmentation platform which allows the company to bid the right price for a user at the right time and place.

Darcher apparently tailors each RTB [real-Time Bidding] bid to a unique set of criteria to win impressions for its partners across mobile, display, search, and video platforms.

Darcher is also an AppNexus (mobile, display) and LiveRail (video) partner.

Naturally, GoMo News wishes Deepen Shah all the best in his new venture.

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