Deutsche Telekom lifts mobile VoIP ban – but charges users extra

German mobile operator Deutsche Telekom has announced that it’s lifting its ban on VoIP services. Applications like Skype will now be able to run over the network itself, instead of being limited to WiFi. However, the price for this is being passed on to the operators’ customers, who will have to pay a monthly surcharge for VoIP services.

In order to pay for what it calls a ‘significant investment’ in it’s networks, Deutsche Telekom will be charging any customer who wants to use a VoIP services like Skype, starting at EUR9.95 a month.

What we think?

Well, it’s a hell of lot better than declaring VoIP use to be a “breach of contract”. Operator attitudes towards VoIP are slowly softening. I can see the thinking behind this surcharge idea – someone in Deutsche Telekom is obviously thinking “if they want to use VoIP so bad, let THEM pay for it”. Probably also “T-Mobile and Vodafone are getting on the VoIP bandwagon, maybe we should too”

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5 Responses to Deutsche Telekom lifts mobile VoIP ban – but charges users extra

  1. Ian L says:

    Wait…Deutsche Telekom is T-Mobile. Right?

  2. Cian says:

    Deutsche Telekom owns T-Mobile, yes. But this surcharge is only going into effect in Germany, so it won’t affect T-Mobile UK customers. And since T-Mobile UK is probably being sold anyway…

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