Preparing to move personal data when the BlackBerry Z3 is available

Hardware clinic: PC-less upgrade via Device Switch is possible

switch to BB10 indonesian style

When BlackBerry announced that the Z3 would be the first handset made for the Canadian company in China by Foxconn, it was also extremely obvious that the smartphone was designed with BlackBerry’s enthusiastic followers in the Indonesian market in mind. There have also been strong hints that the Z3 will be definitely competitively priced to appeal to the widest audience possible. Which all means that there will be large numbers of Indonesian BlackBerry fanbois who will be upgrading their handsets.

That’s lucky because GoMo News has just migrated from a Curve 9320 to a BB10 based Q5 and so we can offer some assistance in the upgrade process.

Here at GoMo News, however, we’re completely surprised that the Z3 is an all-touch model whereas as we regard BlackBerry’s USP [Unique Selling Point] as the fact that it sports a very useable keypad.

Nonetheless, there is a standard BlackBerry facility which all our Indonesian readers can check out in advance called ‘Device Switch’.

The beauty of this personal data migration utility is that it can be completely ‘PC-less’.

There’s no need to have access to a desktop at all. All you need is to inset a memory card into your BlackBerry handset – if there isn’t one there already.

So it’s worth checking if you already have a (microSD) memory card sitting inside the BlackBerry and if so, whether you think you have sufficient memory on that card.

One of the easiest ways to find the Device Switch facility is to search for it using the BlackBerry built-in search facility.

Alternatively, you should be able to find it from the Setup menu. BlackBerry claims you can even download this app if it’s missing from your handset.

Follow the menu options with Device Switch and you can save all of your personal data with the ‘Using a Media Card’ facility.

Once that is done, it’s a simple matter of inserting the media card into you new (Z3) handset.

Once again the Device Switch option is accessible from the Setup menu.

The only thing which GoMo News found bizarre is that the whole process doesn’t import your email settings to the new handset.

So, although you can transfer saved emails from the old handset to the new, before you can do so you need to set up the requisite email account.

We reckon that a whole bunch of our Asian readers will soon be utilising this neat BlackBerry facility.

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2 Responses to Preparing to move personal data when the BlackBerry Z3 is available

  1. Tony says:

    It is not bizarre at all that you’re required to setup your email account. It is standard BlackBerry security. Could you imagine what would happen if you simply copied personal information, lost the card and anyone could simply insert it into a phone to read your emails?

  2. admin says:

    That would be true if it transferred the password as well but just the smtp setting etc wouldn’t represent a major security flaw.

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