Dual SIM WP8.1 handset leaks as Lumia 630

Of course the Nokia X Android is dual SIM too

baidu's pic of nokia moneypenny/lumia 630

Well the rumour mill has shot into overdrive with a leak of what will almost certainly be the first dual SIM Windows Phone 8.1 (WP8) handset – a Nokia Lumia. The leak’s source appears to be the Chinese web site Baiduhere. The big money is that the device – probably codenamed Moneypenny, will be the the Lumia 630 whilst the Lumia 635 will be a single SIM version. We’re not quite sure why so many observers are saying it is based on the Lumia 620 when the 630 very definitely has a 4.5 inch screen with 854 x 480 pixels. We thought the 620 had a 3.81 inch screen so how can the 630 be based on it?

Anyway, the only other definite specs we have are that the Moneypenny should have a width of 66.7mm (2.62 inches) and length 129.5mm (5 inches).

The reason GoMo isn’t entirely convinced the Moneypenny is called the 630 is that the time showing on the Baidu illustration is 6:30.

Even Baidu’s screenshot of the 630 comes from @evleaks. If you notice it lacks the vital clue – the two signal strength indicators which are there on the Baidu illustration and look the same on the dual SIM Android Nokia X.

The other very interesting comment is that the 635 is “Nokia’s first 4G LTE” handset.

Now, rumours says the 630 & 635 will go on sale first in China next month [April 2014].

Is there a suggestion that the 635 will be the first Lumia to work on China Mobile’s TD-LTE network, then?

In the meantime, somebody from xda Developers already claims to have been able to get hold of a Nokia X and then root it so that it works with the Google version of Android.

That way you can download and run apps on it from Google Play. However, will the dual SIM facility still function when you ‘root’ the Nokia X, GoMo wonders?

Kasha Malaga’s YouTube video of a Nokia X running Google Android services is appended below.

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  1. Jonathansd says:

    The Nokia lumia 620 is the legend and and i think its the best mid range lumia but the 525 came strong an its number 1 now. the 630 its no different from mid range lumias but i give it 10 out of 7 so cool.

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