eBay says 1 in 3 UK transactions now mobile

Sees itself on the side of small retailers

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, eBay’s head of Europe, Clare Gilmartin claimed that eBay is firmly on the side of small retailers and businesses. She told the Telegraph, “We are only successful if retailers are sucessful. Unlike Amazon, we don’t stock our own inventory.” Gilmartin also revealed that eBay has spotted the benefits of click & collect and intends to launch such a service soon.

eBay revealed that the site attracts around 60 million unique users in Europe per month of which 19 million (about a third) are from the UK.

That means that around half of the UK’s online shoppers are going through eBay – illustrating its dominant position.

A growing percentage of eBay’s business is now coming from mobile. Around one in three of all eBay’s UK transactions are now coming from mobile.

eBay’s first app was launched in 2007 and its apps have been downloaded around 160 billion times since then.

Such a figure doesn’t take into account, however, for the fact that an eBay app comes pre-installed on many smartphones and tablets.

Globally eBay’s revenues from mobile in 2012 were $13 billion (£8.4 billion) but Gilmartin expects that figure to rise to $20 billion (£13 billion)  in 2013.

It seems that eBay has finally spotted the benefits that retailers can derive from a click and collect service whereby consumers can go to a High Street store and pick up a product.

Hence it intends to launch eBay Click & Collect – which will naturally save retailers the cost of shipping.

In addition to the 100 plus major retailers who utilise eBay, there are around 200,000 smaller retailers.

It also seems that eBay might get inolved with AR (Augmented Reality) whereby consumers point their smartphone at an object they want and are then able to purchase it immediately.

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