EE rebrands and launches 4GEE pricing

Rating: Offers free Wi-fi to offset 4G loading

The UK’s EE has announced that it will be folding the old Everything Everywhere, Orange and T-Mobile branded into EE. From the 30th October [2012], all existing Everything Everywhere, Orange and T-Mobile stores will become newly branded EE stores. As predicted, it is called it’s 4G LTE based offering – 4GEE. The launch of the EE brand will be backed by a multi-million pound marketing campaign across TV, print and digital media channels. It has also finally revealed pricing for its 4GEE services and significantly decided to move into content in a big way with EE Film. In a move which should help to off-load traffic from its 4G and 3G networks, 4GEE customers will get free access to BT Wi-fi hotspot network. It also modestly claims that its 4GEEroll-out will be the fastest roll-out of any UK network in history.The decision to move into content distribution in a big way with EE Film is very interesting.

GoMobile News wonders whether it will be tempted to add app distribution to this site.

EE says its Film Store presents the largest catalogue of new releases available in the UK – with more than five times the number of new releases than other similar providers, and more than 700 films available in total.

There’s also an intriguing gimmick which it is calling ‘Pause & Play’ which allows customers to view the film on one device, such as their smartphone, pause it, then pick it up on another device, such as their laptop.

EE revealed that customers will be able to tether or use VoIP services as part of their plan – with no need to buy specific data add-ons.

So they won’t necessarily need a 4G dongle for their netbook, for example.

In terms of pricing, there are separate plans for the three main device types – smartphone, tablet and PC – as well as separate 4G offerings for consumer, small business and corporate customers.

John Delaney, research director for consumer mobile with IDC comment, “We’re not so convinced, though, that EE’s packages will support the first of its stated objectives: – the mainstream adoption of LTE.”

He added, “Rather, we believe that at the prices announced today, most early customers of LTE services in the UK will be business users, high-spending consumers and technology enthusiasts.”

“This has, in fact, been the pattern followed in most of the European markets.”

Full details of all EE’s announcements on 4GEE (and fibre) can be found on our site here.

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