EE targets retailers with omni-channel approach inc Wi-fi

Can be combined with heat maps

consumers are always mobile - taylor

EE has introduced a new managed service, Connected Retail, that uses mobile connectivity in-store to improve the customer experience and open new revenue streams.  The aim is to let retailers send customers personalised offers and promotions to their smartphone while they are in-store. It can be combined with heat mapping technology to anticipate queues at the checkout before they arrive.

“Consumers are always online, always mobile, shopping on the go,” said Max Taylor, director of corporate business with EE.

“By 2016 [ According to Deloitte], 80 per cent of consumers will be using mobile to make informed buying decisions.”

EE is already working with supermarket chain Asda to explore and activate Connected Retail strategy and technology in its 575 stores around the UK.

Asda’s branded in-store Wi-fi instantly attracted over 100,000 customers and now has more than 800,000 subscribers.

Asda store managers are now able to complete admin tasks from the shop floor using tablet PCs, which has given them back seven hours a week to spend with customers and colleagues.

Cross-referencing Wi-fi data with customers’ use of online shopping apps gives Asda a more holistic view of buying behaviour, enabling the retailer to provide even better-targeted services and communications across online, mobile and in-store channels.

EE commissioned an online survey of 2,000 UK consumers was conducted by Vision Critical  during March 2014.

Its key points include: -

British retailers lose £1 billion3 a year in sales due to long queues at the checkout.

63 per cent of respondent will abandon purchases in-store if the queue is too long, with each product costing £33 on average.

73 per cent of shoppers say they will abandon their purchase if they have to queue for more than five minutes; 29 per cent will only wait a maximum of two minutes and 59 per cent will wait no longer than four minutes.

77 per cent of shoppers say queuing to pay for a product at the tills is the worst part of shopping in-store.

Read the full Press release here.

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