EE/Orange confuses subscribers with Glaswegian call centre

Problem could get worse as it pushes 4G to existing subscribers

UK mobile operator, EE (which owns the T-Mobile and Orange brands) is at risk of confusing its existing clientelle as it seeks to encourage them to take up its highly successful 4G offering. Earlier, EE had revealed that almost a million (900,000) subscribers had signed up to its 4G offering in Q1 2014. EE said that this was the strongest quarterly take-up for 4G that it had experinced to date. It means that almost three million (2.9m) customers now enjoy its 4G service. However, some of the tactics the UK mobile network operator [MNO] is employing have very definitely perplexed existing customers. Its all thanks to a deal EE has done with Glasgow, Scotland based 1Call Direct.

The problem stems from the telephone number – 01414130234, which most Brits would recognise as coming from Glasgow. Especially when their smartphone tells them the rough location of incoming calls.

Most people wouldn’t know where EE/Orange’s offices or callcentres were based and if asked to guess would probably say Bristol. So a call from Scotland is unexpected.

One GoMo News reader explained that during the call he had become suspicious that the firm he was talking to might not really be Orange.

Google the number and you come to this page on As one contibutor quite sensibly observed that the number “Didn’t start with 07 so I didn’t answer it.”

However, a little bit a research into call centre jobs took GoMo News to this page on 1Call Direct where the company openly stated that it was, “in partnership with the EE are looking for candidates to work at our call centre in the heart of Glasgow.”

Interestingly the job ad pointed out that “EE’S 3G network is the biggest in the UK and by the end of 2014 it will cover 99.2 per cent of the population.”

Could we respectfully suggest, therefore, that Orange/EE allows 1Call Direct to spoof an obvious Orange number – starting with 07973, so that potential customers would be more trusting of the offer they receive?

Incidentally, the ‘Orange Helpers’ page on Facebook which led GoMo News to the reality didn’t look genuine either!

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