EE’s Clone Phone – nice idea when it works

Hardware clinic: Free phone backup service has issues

On paper, the Clone Phone service from UK MNO EE is a ready great idea. All you need to do is download the Clone Phone app – and there are version for Apple’s iOS; Google’s Android and BlackBerry. Once you run the app, in effect you are storing all of you handset’s data in the cloud so if you do have the misfortune to lose your handset or have it stolen, then you can get all of your handset’s data back. Even better news as GoMo News just discovered, if you migrate from the old orange or T-Mobile brands over to EE and take up a 4GEE plan, you get the Clone Phone Lite service for free. So what can possibly go wrong? Answer – the app doesn’t work with all Android & BlackBerry phones for starters.

What GoMo Newswas hoping was that by setting up the Clone Phone service, we could effectively migrate our personal data over from our long-standing handset to the newly acquired model.

Better still, we were effectively migrating from one mobile platform (Android) over to another – BlackBerry’s BB10 courtesy of a Q5.

So if we ran Clone Phone on our old Motorola Android device, we could move all of the contacts and photos, etc onto a completely different type of smartphone.

No need to play with desktop PC software at all.

Which is where it all went horribly wrong. The Android handset on which all of the important data was stored was an old Motorola RAZR XT910.

Bad news folks. That particular handset isn’t supported on Clone Phone although the RAZR i XT890 is supported. And, although not directly mentioned, it runs on the Moto G as well!

So we could port from the XT910 to the Moto G and then run Clone Phone. Sadly, it isn’t worth the effort.

Because – guess what? Although we initially thought the app would run on the Q5, it doesn’t.

Hence we would have to dig out our old Curve 9320 – use that for Clone Phone and them move all of the data over to the Q5.

Luckily, there’s a standard BlackBerry built-in feature – Device Switch, which makes the whole migration process a piece of cake.

Which will please our Indonesian readers intending to migrate to the Z3.

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