eReceptionist takes infographics to new heights of pointlessness

No, the 1st mobile call wasn’t made by Motorola’s Martin Cooper

Regular readers of GoMo News will know that this publication regards infographics as next to useless. Putting useful information into a format which isn’t searchable is basically counterproductive. However, today [March 26th 2014], a company called eReceptionist took the pointlessness of infographics to new height. The file contains the statement that “the first telephone call from a mobile device is made by Martin Cooper of Motorola.” This item was against the date of 3rd April 1973. No it wasn’t. Luckily, not everything eReceptionist produces is totally useless.

Let’s get this Martin Cooper thing sorted out. GoMo News has attempted to put the record straight on this many times. See here.

For starters, Motorola is claiming that Cooper made “the world’s first public mobile phone call.”

Actually, all he did was take a prototype mobile phone out of the labs and make a call from it on a New York street.

The “first telephone call from a mobile device” has to be made on a public mobile telephone network and a cellular one to boot.

The first working public cellular phone network was in Saudi Arabia back in 1981 and used a system called NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephony).

Here at GoMo News, we reckon a Saudi Prince probably has that honour but nobody seems to be able to name him.

Some-one at Ericsson needs to dig through the company’s archives and see if her or she can find the picture. There must be one.

Anyway, the good thing about eReceptionist’s offering is that it can work on mobile devices.

Basically, you can get a virtual receptionist to take your calls and handle them for as little as 30 pence per day.

To set the whole service up all you need is access to the web and a smartphone or tablet will do fine.

You can, of course, simply have all calls routed to a mobile phone.

But better still, eReceptionist can supply business folk with UK mobile phone numbers which look like regular landline numbers.

Even though when anyone rings that particular number the mobile phone in your pocket actually rings.

eRecptionist can even convert voicemails into text and email them to you. Neat, eh?

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