Even revenues from 4G roaming seem to be disappearing

How can MNOs retain subscribers  & access new revenue streams?

nothing beyond commodity services - windle

Three kicked off free 4G roaming for its customers and now  EE  has announced its subscribers can now roam onto 4G LTE networks in Europe. Now that traditional roaming revenues are roaming away, how Mobile network operators [MNOs] can compensate for falling roaming rates? The short answer is to try to learn from the way that OTT players behave. Here GoMo News looks at  industry comment from OpenCloud and Tektronix Communications on how operators can not only retain subscribers but also access new revenue streams.
OpenCloud’s head of marketing, Mark Windle, observed ,”Competition is fierce as operators look to sign up consumers to their new superfast 4G networks and make a return on their spectrum auction investment.”

He continued, “A reason for this is that operators aren’t offering consumers anything beyond commodity services, such as 4G roaming bundles.

“However, these offers normally have a limited shelf-life, and are easily replicated by other operators.”

So what’s the solution? OpenCloud believes that in order to compete effectively in the marketplace, MNOs need to offer consumers something new, something they value, and something unique to, and owned by, the operator’s brand.”

Windle remarked, “Internet brands, such as Google, already take this approach to add value for its users so they keep coming

“Operators must replicate this model and routinely offer customers new services, which will add value and strengthen customer loyalty to their 4G networks.”

Daniel Russo, a senior manager for  product management with Tektronix Communications, commented, “Already facing slowing profits, exponentially increasing data traffic and loss of service opportunity to OTT providers, one of an operator’s most lucrative revenue streams [roaming] is now being progressively squeezed by the EU.”

He continued, “There is a significant advantage to owning the network and being able to deliver new applications and services with carrier-grade quality that goes well beyond the best-efforts reliability offered by many OTT players. ”

“As MNOs also get in tune with changing subscriber tastes, they’ll be well positioned to get out of the “data pipe” business and capitalize on the lucrative market for social and business applications by delivering their own high-definition voice and video, geo-location, instant messaging and presence applications.”

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