Eventbrite takes on PayPal with At The Door reader

Rating: No excuse for not accepting credit cards in a field

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the PayPal Here offering (see our previous story) which can turn iOS devices into credit card readers comes the At The Door card reader from Eventbrite. Being an online site that has served served almost 500,000 events last year [2011] and has sold more than 52 million tickets worldwide, just like PayPal Here, the At The Door solution is aimed at events organisers who want to collect payments on the door. Companies that use the Eventbrite card reader will be charged a three per cent fee on top of the service fee. PayPal charges 2.7 per cent.The good news is that the Eventbrite reader is available from the Britestore shop here for a mere $10. [It seems to be a US only offering at present].

The $10 price is just to stop time wasters because purchasers automatically get $10 worth of credit.

Better still, the software you need to load onto your iPad is available free from the ITunes App Store.

Interestingly, the Eventbrite card reader looks like a small dongle and fits into the iPad’s 30-pin adapter (which you normally use to charge your iPad).

By contrast, the PayPal Here reader fits into an iPhone’s audio jack socket. The reader itself is rumoured to be made for PayPal by Square. It certainly looks very similar technology.

An additional benefit with the Eventbrite solution is that the company has bothered to make its app compatible with the TSP143 wireless printer produced by Star.

As the events organiser says, it tries to be ‘Green’ by offering electronic delivery of receipts but in certain circumstances, customers require written confirmation that they have paid. Examples are redeemable food and drink tickets at an event.

Rather than selling the printers from its own shop, Eventbrite points potential card reader customers to its partner site (operated by CDW) here.

A key feature of the At The Door software is that it provides comprehensive Eventbrite event reports which include all online as well as At The Door sales, so customers always have a comprehensive view of their event sales.

Come the Summer 2012 music festival season, organisers will have no excuse for being unable to accept credit card payments in the middle of a filed. Unless there really is no cellular signal.

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