Exactly what has happened to the major mobile industry player – MACH

In our opinion you now have two MACHs competing against each other

truly global player - reiffer

Although here at GoMo Towers we have known for a long time that US based Syniverse has been in the throes of an acquisition of MACH, it was very difficult to discover exactly what the results have been from the intervention by the European Commission (EU) over the sale. After a very cosy chat with Guy Reiffer who has moved to the new Starhome MACH as vp of marketing and partnerships, we now we have the answer. The original company has been split up and – in essence, the European bits of MACH have been transferred to a new combined company which is now called Starhome MACH. This outcome doesn’t mean that the new entity is purely a European focused operation, as we’ve just discovered. Reiffer emphasised that his new employer is not only a global player but has a unique new offering – in the sphere of business intelligence.

The EU’s decisions over the Syniverse acquisition were complex and were designed to prevent one company from having a near monopoly in the area of the provision of roaming in particular.

So in order to go ahead with the purchase of MACH, Syniverse was asked by the EU to divest itself of MACH’s European roaming customers.

Crucially, however, this move has also resulted in Starhome acquiring MACH’s IP for its existing roaming platform.

As Reiffer pointed out to GoMo News, it also means that old MACH Customers outside the EU will have to migrate to Syniverse’s own platform within two years.

Unless of course they want to defect over to Starhome MACH, as Reiffer was keen to point out.

Starhome’s expertise has always been in business intelligence analysis – in other words helping MNOs work out what their customers are actually doing.

Now – as proof of Starhome MACH’s leading position within roaming, the company’s Intelligent Preferred Network (IPN) has just been ranked first by the Roaming Consultancy Company (ROCCO).

Read the full Starhome MACH/ROCCO release here. Naturally, the pair don’t mention how Syniverse fared in the roaming survey.

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