F5 Networks claims true BYOD 2.0 with Mobile App Manager

Rating: Networks Nasties only control corporate data

F5 Networks has introduced a new tool aimed at enterprise IT managers in the shape of its Mobile App Manager which it claims provides a true BYOD solution. It combines policy management and secure application delivery with the scalability of SaaS (Software as a Service). This new approach means managing data at the app level, rather than the device level. In effetc, it means that it personal data is isolated from corporate data. So employees feelsafe using their devices without worrying that a network nasty might wipe their personal usage.

F5 claims the new tool offers true BYOD 2.0 capabilities because it doesn’t impose restrictive security or interfere with the user experience.

Mobile operators can increase data revenues by offering Mobile App Manager as a bespoke service to the customers.

F5 recently announced a new Policy Enforcement Manager for communications services providers which allows them to optimise network performance and create new revenue generating services with deep network traffic insight.

F5 launched a series of brand new application delivery controllers with cloud scalability and unprecedented throughput.

The company has also acquired LineRate Systems, adding powerful SDN technology to the company’s offerings and enabling service providers to build a completely controllable network stack from layer 2 to the application layer enabling mobile networks to increase average revenue per user (ARPU) with value added services.

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