F5 offers secure network access for Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich

Rating: Network nasties can’t keep you off the intranet now

Hong Kong’s F5 Networks is enabling owners of Android 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices to combat the worries of corporate network nasties by providing a full SSL VPN connection. That’s about as secure as you can get. As John Girard, an analyst with Gartner says, “‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) programmes are creating challenges for companies interested in enforcing common security policies.” The answer F5 Networks provides is two versions of it Android BIG-IP Edge Client: – a regular one and one for ‘rooted’ devices. The latter can be used by IT professionals (and ‘hackers’) to extend client support to previous Android OS versions. Furthermore, F5 is introducing enhanced support for its BIG-IP Edge Portal, which provides managed application access to enterprise web applications such as SharePoint and Intranet sites.As Linda Hui, an md with F5, explains, “With leading support for Android, Linux, and iOS endpoints, F5 solutions provide flexible, optimised access to empower mobile users without sacrificing IT’s ability to manage applications and infrastructures.”

Dan Schiappa, a svp with RSA, commented, “As mobile computing proliferates, organisations are facing challenges such as managing mobile access to critical applications.”

So, RSA and F5 have worked together to integrate RSA’s SecurID technology with F5’s BIG-IP Access Policy Manager.

The pair claim that their combined offerings provide valuable features such as single sign-on, support for hardware and software authenticators.

With an eye to better supporting virtual and cloud environments, F5′s customers can now deploy its BIG-IP Edge Gateway and WebAccelerator without adding new hardware.

And we all know that network nasties aren’t happy unless they feel they can control everything, so F5′s BIG-IP Access Policy Manager is now available on F5’s VIPRION chassis, meaning customers can support up to 100,000 concurrent users. That should be enough.

Another one to keep the network nasties happy is the ability for F5’s SSL VPN client software to simultaneously support mixed IPv4 and IPv6 environments.

So if the IT department says they won’t allow you to use you spanking new Android smartphone or tablet on the corporate intranet, you can now just ask them, “Why not?” What’s your beef?

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