Featurephones aren’t dead globally for mobile ads says Millennial

UK & USA are the largest spenders in mobile ads per consumer @ $49

Millennial Media has released it latest S.M.A.R.T (Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting) report and it is full of key statistics. The current report actually has a strong focus on the restaurant trade but hidden away inside this report are loads of key figures of real interest to those playing in the mobile advertising sector. The data is extrapolated from advertisers using the Millennial platform. Curiously, the report highlights the fact that on a global basis the featurephone is far from being dead.

For example, amongst the Top 750 campaigns in the EMEA region. Africa had 18 per cent interacting using featurephones in contrast with the EMEA Q1 total of 2 per cent and European levels at two per cent.

The report also found that Android drove the largest amount of impressions across EMEA – whereas iOS still dominated UK.

Middle East saw the largest amount of Android with 57 per cent of impressions on this platform. In all regions the Apple iPad was still the top tablet.

Not strictly a Millenial Media finding because the source was an eMarketer report from May 2013; with data from 2011 but the UK and the USA are the largest spenders in mobile advertising per consumer – spending $49 per mobile phone user in each country.

Millenllian concludes that, “As consumer adoption of mobile devices continues to increase globally, there is a clear opportunity for advertisers to increase their presence on this most interactive of platforms.”

With data taken from Q1 2013, app downloading was used in 45 per cent of campaigns on the company’s platform.

The Entertainment sector integrated app download capabilities into mobile ads to drive consumers to download, purchase, or consume entertainment content.

Interactive actions were utilised in 12 per cent of the campaigns. Interactive is a new category which represents post-click actions which are unique to mobile, such as swiping across the screen, shaking the device, utilising the touch screen, or playing games.

Driving registrations was the goal of 16 per cent of the brand advertisers on our platform this quarter.

Retailers often paired registrations with retail promotions to offer consumers a mobile coupon in exchange for information.

Also in Q1, brand awareness campaigns were run by 13 per cent of the advertisersConsumer Goods brands layered multiple post-click actions in order to drive brand awareness.

You can download the report as a PDF from here.

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