Fiksu study finds Facebook’s mobile app ads deliver higher ROI vs banner & video

Facebook proves app monetization winner -delivers 50 per cent more purchasing users than other sources

Facebook has hands-down advantage - alder

Press release

May 28th 2014. Fiksu, developer of award-winning app marketing technologies, has announced the availability of a new Fiksu Labs Report comparing the performance of media sources for mobile app user acquisition. The report focuses on the ROI of Facebook’s mobile app ads, traditional banner ads, and video ads, and their effectiveness in delivering long term value for app publishers.

Findings at a glance

When benchmarked against banner ads, Facebook provides the best ROI from the standpoint of driving monetisation.

Users acquired via Facebook become purchasers at a rate nearly 50 per cent higher than banner ad networks and 12 per cent higher than video ad networks.

The cost to acquire a user who makes a purchase through Facebook’s app ads is nearly 20 per cent less than on banner ad networks and 8 per cent lower than on video ad networks.

As a Facebook Ads API integration and mobile measurement partner, Fiksu offers programmatic media buying and optimization as well as attribution and tracking on Facebook’s mobile app ads.

The company’s experience as the largest mobile app marketing technology platform provides a massive amount of data for analysis.

In addition, Fiksu’s  unique vantage point allows for deeper investigation as to how this emerging method of promoting apps has influenced the market.

“This report validates what we have been seeing in the 50,000 campaigns we’ve run for our clients, showing Facebook has the hands-down advantage when it comes to the monetary potential of mobile app user acquisition,” said Micah Adler, president, CEO with Fiksu.

“It’s clear that the combination of  over 1 billion mobile users, powerful audience segmentation capabilities and a programmatic approach to app marketing provides the right mix for success.”

Research was conducted based on 294 discrete iOS and Android apps across 40 categories monitored from Q2 2013 through Q1 2014.

Media channels monitored included non-incentivized banner, video, and Facebook mobile app ads.

The report quantifies several key metrics including; CPC, conversion rate, CPI, Purchasing Rate and Cost per Purchaser.

About Fiksu

Fiksu is the leading provider of mobile app marketing products that help app and game marketers reach their user acquisition goals. The company’s patent-pending Programmatic Mobile Demand Platform applies intelligent technology to proprietary big data to master all the challenges of mobile advertising – including tracking, optimization, media buying and integration. This cohesive approach spans the entire mobile ecosystem and ultimately delivers the best marketing performance. Additionally, Fiksu offers FreeMyApps, the world’s largest app discovery platform where users are rewarded. Based in Boston, MA, Fiksu is venture-backed by Qualcomm Ventures and Charles River Ventures.

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