Fiksu tracking hits 100bn app user actions across 1bn downloads

Cost per loyal user rises just 5% to $1.36

Through its mobile app marketing platform, Fiksu says it indexes depict a steady landscape for mobile app downloads and marketing costs in March 2013. The company has reached something of a landmark having recorded its one hundred billionth app user action and driven more than one billion app downloads. This data from its platform provides the foundation its analysis of the mobile app marketing sector and its ability to drive real-time optimisation of ad campaigns. In March 2013, the Fiksu cost per loyal user index increased by five per cent (or by seven cents) to $1.36 – from February’s $1.29. That’s despite a 12 per cent year-over-year increase in daily download volumes.

“Despite the last few steady months, marketers must always be prepared for the ebbs and flows that inevitably happen in the complex app ecosystem,” warned Micah Adler, CEO with Fiksu.

Fiksu’s app store competitive index (which measures the average aggregate daily download volume of the Top 200 free iPhone apps in the USA) dipped four per cent, to 5.02 million daily downloads from February’s 5.20 million.

The Fiksu Indexes measure monthly fluctuations in competition for rank in the Apple iTunes App Store and the cost to acquire loyal users 1 , helping mobile app marketers benchmark their performance against industry trends.

“The ‘new normal’ continued in March, which was good news for mobile app marketers,” Adler continued.

“Inventory has increased but costs have held steady, reflecting a maturity in the overall quality of apps and their ability to engage users.”

Fiksu’s technology helps leading brands optimise their iOS and Android mobile app marketing campaigns and helps to secure large volumes of loyal users.

The company’s flagship platform spans the entire mobile ecosystem providing a cost-effective, predictable and intelligent mobile advertising solution as well slashing user acquisition costs, the company claims.

For Fiksu’s full analysis go here.


1. For the specific purpose of the Fiksu Indexes, a loyal user is defined as someone who opens an app three or more times.

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