Firefox barking up right tree with Intex Cloud FX

Should prove ideal upgrade for Indian featurephone users says Upstream

Mozilla and Intex have just launched the first Firefox OS phone in India. It’s called the Intex Cloud FX and costing just 1,999 Rs (£19.90). The device is aimed at emerging markets consumers who are looking to upgrade from a featurephone to their first smartphone. The Cloud F”s low price should prove very attractive to this target audience. Upstream recently undertook research into consumer attitudes in emerging markets earlier in 2014 with Ovum that shows Mozilla is barking up the right tree.

According to Marco Veremis, CEO  with Upstream, “The release of Mozilla’s first low-cost Firefox OS phone, the Cloud FX, looks set to hit the right notes in its launch market of India.”

He continued, The phone’s price  means Mozilla has comprehensively won the race to the bottom of the smartphone market. By comparison, Nokia’s 130 budget featurephone [not smartphone] costs 500 Rs (£4) less.”

Veremis added,  “Even though the Cloud FX is hampered by the classic cheap smartphone foibles of a slow user experience and a lack of apps, it does have easy access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter will be more than enough to attract users.”

[Must check whether it handles WhatsApp for Nokia N73 users who want to upgrade - Ed.]

Veremis continued, “With this move Mozilla are openly targeting feature phone users that are looking for their first smartphone, a wise move in emerging markets and particularly India where there is a massive opportunity for growth.”

When it comes to functionality 48 per cent of consumers in India see device capability of their mobile as an important element, according to research conducted by Upstream in conjunction with Ovum earlier in 2014.

Veremis concluded, “All this means that at this price point, the Cloud FX could spell the end for many feature phones in India, as well as further afield if Mozilla decide to expand its reach.”

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