Forensic expert confirms BlackBerry BB10s are ultra secure

Longmere Consultants specialise in recovery of deleted texts

ghosts & footprints can remain - moses

Most people believe that once you press the delete button on a mobile telephone,  then that text message [SMS] has gone forever . However, according to UK forensic data recovery experts, Longmere Consultants, this is not always the case. The company specialises in recovering deleted texts; photographs; call logs; chat messages; files; and phone books from mobile phones. However, John Moses md with Longmere confirmed to GoMo News that the exception that proves the rule is the Blackberry Q & Z series (BB10 devices) plus the 9320 series which are non-recoverable. So, in effect, Longmere is confirming that BlackBerry’s smartphones are about the securest devices you can have out there. By contrast, iPhone are amongst the easiest to recover from.

Obviously, Longmere is a commercial operation and charges for its services (circa $600 – £300 plus VAT) and its clients are usually lawyers, employment tribunals, and HR [Human Resources] departments.

Moses admitted that there are free services on the Internet which attempt the same feat – reviving deleted text messages,

However, he claimed one client had recovered only 20 texts for free whilst Longmere had eventually recovered 2,800 for a fee.

He also revealed that out of the leading smartphone brands, recovery from iPhones has the highest chance of succeeding.

The company recovered over 18,000 deleted texts from an iPhone 4s, for example.

If you want to ‘wash’ all your data from an iPhone, then performing a system update or a factory reset stands a good chance of  wiping your iPhone but there’s still a chance that a ‘footprint’ or ‘ghost’ might lead to some data recovery.

In GoMo News’ experience, the best way to wash a phone is to reset it and then load as many new music, video or photographic files you can onto the ‘cleaned’ handset. That should do the trick.

Curiously, no client has yet asked Longmere to confirm that the ‘remote wipe’ facility popular in BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] deployments actually does forensically wash the phone.

Might be worth the $600 to doublecheck!

The final interesting fact that Moses revealed concerned Nokia handsets – such as the earlier, popular featurephones.

These can be persuaded to give up their secrets. However, it involves high tech chip removal.

And you’ll never be able to use the phone again. Not really an option for Nokia N73s, then.

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