Forget Android & iOS focus on Chrome & Tizen

Radical prediction from Magic Software’s David Akka

chrome will replace android - akka

The whole premise behind predictions from Magic Software’s UK md, David Akka, smells of a conspiracy theory. Which is probably why here at GoMo Towers we really like it so much. Akka claims that Google is preparing to ditch Android for Chrome and Samsung is preparing to ditch Android for Tizen. Not right away, of course. But if you’ve got a five year plan – which Magic has, then you’ve got to be ready for such things. App developers in particular need to sit up and take note.

Akka argues that there are a couple of clues which indicate what Google’s long term strategy really is.

Firstly, it has pulled Andy Rubin off the Android project and replaced him with Sundar Pichai. Who just so happens to be in charge of Chrome.

Another clue is the fact that Key Lime Pie – aka Android 5.0 hasn’t made as swift an appearance as was originally thought.

It’ll probably show up in October [2013] but some pundits had suggested it should have actually appeared in 2012. Google not putting much resource into it then?

The clincher, as far as Akka is concerned, is the recently announced Chromecast TV streaming dongle.

It has been branded Chrome but actually runs a bastardised version of Google TV which is itself Android-based.

But the Bionic and Dalvik systems are removed. Bionic is Google’s modified set of Linux licensed code, and Dalvik is the part of Android that runs apps.

Akka claims that Google wants consumers to get used to the idea that all of its connected devices will eventually run the Chrome OS.

So it doesn’t want people running Android apps on its ‘Connected Home’ style device – the Chromecast.

And now to Samsung and Tizen. It’s widely believed that Apple and Microsoft make more revenues out of licensing their IPR for Android than the handset vendors make on the unit’s sale.

The exception is Samsung, but that probably has to do with the fact that it makes all the bits for its handsets. Screens, memory chips, etc.

But it is enough of an incentive for Samsung to have a game plan of moving away from Android in favour of Tizen (apparently not bada).

Tizen can run HTML5 based web apps and the future is going to be web apps than run on anything not just smartphones and tablets.

Akka did mention Samsung running Tizen on fridges but we forgive him.

Intelligent fridges have been predicted for at least 30 years and it has never happened.

And it won’t. Just look at where you fridge is in the kitchen. Forget it.

Anyway, it’s time to gen up on what Tizen actually is, so read our Tizen 101 here.

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