Forget feet first, BMW goes mobile first

Rebuilds its web presence with Netbiscuits’ help

a bmw with just 2 wheels

BMW Motorrad, the high end motorcycle provider, has been working on a long-term project to give mobile visitors the perfect experience when they visit the organisation’s global website, regardless of the device they use. Companies like BMW take note of the fact that market watchers such as IDC here have recently predicted here that sales of smartphone devices will reach 1.4 billion units in 2015. Also IDC says tablet shipments will surpass total PC shipments on an annual basis by the end of the same period. So this all points to the adoption of a ‘mobile first’ policy.

From a brand perespective, BMW Motorrad prides itself on delivering users the same quality experience online as they would expect on the back of one of its bikes.

Consequently, BMW Motorrad has selected the Netbiscuits detection platform to provideits global customers with an optimised mobile web experience and premium content tailored to their smartphone capabilities.

Whether that is via mobile or desktop is less relevant, it has to be premium content and that means understanding the devices visiting the website and what those devices are capable of.

Working together, it was discovered that in some regions, customers do not even use the classic desktop web, they have gone straight to mobile.

In this instance, it is not just a case of re-engineering the website for a mobile device, it is about taking a mobile-first approach to web development

Using the Netbiscuits Platform, BMW Motorrad can provide customers with content-rich, personal experiences on mobile devices, which was becoming increasingly challenging following the explosion of new devices available and the continued fragmentation of both devices and software.

BMW will be exploring the Netbiscuits Device Detection tool. This will provide BMW Motorrad with a set of server-side components that enable the adaptation of web content and design to deliver the most engaging user experience possible.

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