Free mobile games come to the WeROK mobile portal

The brave experiment that is WeROK continues. The ad-funded mobile portal has announced that it will now be adding free mobile games to it’s offered services – which already included low-cost SMS, with free mobile email, free mobile TV and mobile social networks.

What is WeROK?

WeROK is the marriage between ROK entertainment and the community-maintained WeFi service. WeFi is an application that automatically detects an free WiFi point near your phone, and connects to it. Any new node you discover is automatically saved to the WeFi database, with the result that it now claims a worldwide network of over 21 million Wi-Fi hotspots. What WeROK does is offer mobile services and entertainment from ROK over the WeFi network – effectively turning the application into a mobile portal

WeROK launched in late April – and has added free mobile games to its offerings after its free Mobile TV offering saw a lot of use. The games are free thanks to in-game advertising from ad-network innerActive.

While WeROK is currently only usable on PCs and Nokia S60 devices, WeFi recently launched on Android phones, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see WeROK appearing in the Android Market.

From the release:

“We have already seen a fantastic level of interest in WeROK driven, largely, by our free Mobile TV service” said Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman and CEO of rok “and we are confident the addition of free mobile games – in what we understand is a worlds first in mobile entertainment – will serve to further boost the popularity of WeROK globally”.

What we think?

I really hope WeROK continues to do well. While it operates under some serious strictures – the biggest one being it’s dependance on the availability of a Wi-Fi hotspot – it is still an interesting and innovative offering. Services like this explore and take advantage of the strengths of the mobile platform, and offer a good example of what can be achieved.

Also, considering how popular mobile gaming is becoming, offering it for free is never a bad idea.

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