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Rating: Rara is, of course, powered by Omnifone

We found Alison Moyet easily on

Given that a large number of people will have received either a smartphone or a tablet (or both) as a Xmas present, it makes a great deal of sense for British music streaming service,, to offer a free seven day trail of its service over the Winter Break. You have until 23.59 pm 31st January 2013 to redeem this offer. [So you've got a month to sign up.]  As long as you’re not an existing subscriber, of course. Here at GoMobile News we would thoroughly recommend that our readers take up this offer. The company is so generous that it promises that ads won’t be displayed during the duration of this offer. says that the offer is restricted to one trial per person but it’s unclear whether you can attempt to utilise the free subscription on multiple devices.

We downloaded the app for our trusty Motorola RAZR i from the Google Play app store.

However, we’d recommend that you follow this URL to ensure you go straight to the holiday offer.

Strangely, we had a great deal of trouble entering the required voucher code – which is HOLIDAY2012 – via the standard Android browser because the first letter kept disappearing.

Ho hum. If you persist and use delete, it eventually works, though.

We particularly liked the way the Android app puts a music player on your Home screen which is accessible even if the screen itself is actually locked.

Another nice touch is that the app comes with a number of standard playlists or Moods which includes one for Chilling Out which we found perfectly acceptable.

We even tried searching for one of our favourites – weak in the Presence of Beauty by Alison Moyet and had it.

So we really do believe the claimed 18 million songs is pretty comprehensive.

We couldn’t find any mention of it, but we suspect the trial version is a cut-down.

We couldn’t play tracks stored on our handset nor could we save tracks for off-line usage.

The only real snag? Besides the Android app, there are versions for iPhone iPod Touch and iPad plus Windows 8 or RT. That’s not the same as Windows Phone 8, of course.

Plus there’s definitely no BlackBerry version. We tried it over 3G (instead of Wi-fi) and it worked fine but we’re not sure how well it would function on the move.

Although we didn’t notice initially, is, of course, powered by Omnifone with whom many GoMobile News readers should already be familiar.

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