Get★This finds way to monetise mobile TV watching

Could be a boon for MNOs getting a return on their 4G networks

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It describes itself as the first social shopping experience for TV and video audiences, and GoMo News strongly suspects that Get★This is very heavily geared towards US audiences. The company points out that Google says 75 per cent of the US TV- watching population is now watching from a second screen. Significantly, the company argues that in addtion to TV, its technology can be applied to blogs and social media networks from YouTube to Facebook. In effect, Get★This has invented a web video widget ( it calls a gidget) that provides brands with a new way to enhance revenues and native advertising.

The clincher is that the Get★This iPad app can already be downloaded now from the iTunes App Store whilst mobile phone versions will be made available in Q4 2013.

Where the company is spot on is that audiences who are increasingly view television series on mobile web devices. And Get★This reckons it has found a new way to flog them stuff.

Here at GoMo Towers we are not convinced that British TV viewers are gagging to buy the spatula that Gordon Ramsey has in his hand whilst cooking.

However, we could see women interested in purchasing the shoes that a soap opera star in wearing on TV.

The advantage to Get is that viewing isn’t interrupted – consumers simply check out when they have stopped watching.

We can see that Get★This has been created by entertainment industry veterans for the expanding multi-screen universe.

To try to get a handle on what the system can do, Get★This will shortly open a self-service marketplace that will allow clients to shop-enable their own videos.

Previews a shoppable video are available via the company’s blog–

The technology has even been nominated for an award at the Siemer Silicon Beach WaveMaker awards in m-commerce category.

This strikes GoMo News as another classic example of how mobile network operators (MNOs) can monetise their 4G networks.

All you’ve got to do is understand what these TV veterans are actually going on about.

And the company name is even more irritating than Google calling its AR spectacles Glass. They might eventually change the name. Of course, by the time RIM did it was too late.

Read the full blurb here.

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